Enraged Throw

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Enraged Throw is a Berserker Berserker Barbarian Bonus Action. This ability allows the Berserker to make a ranged attack using nearby items or creatures.


Pick up an item or creature and throw it at a target, dealing additional damage and knocking it ProneProne.

Your Strength affects the additional damage and how much weight you can throw. Heavier items deal more damage.

The damage of weapons with the thrown property is the same as the weapon's melee damage.

Available only when FrenziedFrenzied.


Bonus action
Normal Weapon Damage Damage TypesPhysical

Attack roll
Range: 1 m / 3 ft
  • Range is to pick up an item or creature
    • (Throwing range varies based on the weight of the creature or item being thrown)

Condition: Prone

Duration: 1 turn

Condition Type Icon.pngProneUnconscious

How to learn



  • For weapons with the thrown property, the Strength modifier is added twice in the damage calculation. This is likely a game bug.
  • For improvised weapons (including creatures), the base damage is determined by the weight of the object being thrown:
    • Light objects (less than 10kg) deal 1Damage TypesBludgeoning base damage.
    • Medium objects (10kg~50kg) deal 1d4Damage TypesBludgeoning base damage.
    • Heavy objects (greater than 50kg) deal 2d4Damage TypesBludgeoning base damage.