Owlbear Nest

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The Shrine to Selûne in the Owlbear Nest.

The Owlbear Nest (also known as the Owlbear Cave) is a Location in Act One. Its entrance is located in the Forest east of the Blighted Village, close to the river at X: 86 Y: 448.

Owlbear Den[edit | edit source]

The Owlbear and her cub are found in the northwestern section of the cavern. The area can be approached either by continuing forward north then west from the cave entrance or via a slope north of the Selûne Shrine. Without using stealth, the party will be quickly noticed and forced to interact with the Owlbear mother, leading to or avoiding a fight. Details on possible interaction and tactics can be found here.

If a fight breaks out and the cub survives, the party will get the choice to either spare it or finish it off while it eats its mother's remains. Sparing the cub is a critical choice if the party wants it to become a camp follower. If the party attacked the Owlbear from stealth without activating the initial cut scene, the option to spare the cub will not be presented and the cub will keep attacking. In this case, if the party wishes to save the cub, then after killing the Owlbear (and the Owlbear Mate in Honour mode) and grabbing any loot desired, the party will need to flee from combat without killing the cub. Then, after a long rest the cub will appear in the Goblin camp. Downing the cub with non-violent combat will not allow the party to gain it as a camp follower.

Another way to obtain the cub as a camp follower is to avoid the fight with the mother, after talking to her and retreating. Following the next long rest and returning to the cave, the party will see, that the Owlbear mother was killed by some goblins, providing easy access to the Owlbear Egg and the Head of a Broken Spear. After a period of time, the cub will appear at the goblin camp.

After the fight, there is a headless skeleton by the nest which has the The Oak Father's Embrace. Next to it is the valuable Owlbear Egg. It is worth 750 gold and provides 40 Camp Supplies and can be saved for the Steal a Githyanki Egg quest.

Selûne Shrine[edit | edit source]

The shrine is found inside the Cave Entrance to the Owlbear Nest by taking the first path to the southwest and moving down a Cragged Rock.

The peaceful shrine has a collection of offerings useful when dealing with the Owlbear, notably the Potion of Animal Speaking. A Gilded Chest is surrounded by a magical aura that will unleash a burst of magic upon interaction. DC 14  Dexterity saving throw is required to avoid taking 4d6Damage TypesRadiant damage.

To open the Gilded Chest, jump behind the Selûne statue. If succeeding at a passive DC 10 Perception check check, a Selûnite Prayer Sheet will be revealed which can be identified with a passive DC 15 History check. Reading the prayer item next to the chest using anyone other than Shadowheart successfully dispels the seal, rewarding 15 experience and triggering the Acolyte Inspiration, Her Gift of Silver. Alternative methods to open the chest without the prayer include opening it with a Cleric who worships Selûne or using the Knock spell. The chest holds the Moondrop Pendant, a note describing ancient Selunite rites, a silver necklace, and the unique Idol of Selûne.

If trying to take the items in the chest while Shadowheart is in the party, then a DC 15 Sleight of Hand check will be necessary or some Approval with her will be lost. That can be avoided by putting the whole chest into the inventory of a party member other than Shadowheart. If the chest is opened in the inventory, then Shadowheart won't notice it.

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