Owlbear Cub

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Owlbear Cub

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Level 1












Bg3 content hr.png
Creature Race Icon.png  Race Beast
Creature Type Icon.png  Type Beast
HP Icon.png  HP 29
Creature AC Icon.png  AC 9
Creature Speed Icon.png  Movement Speed 9m/30ft
Creature Size Icon.png  Size Small
Weight Icon.png  Weight 20kg/40lbs
Proficiency Icon.png  Proficiency Bonus +2
Initiative Icon.png  Initiative -1
Passive features
Darkvision Darkvision
Opportunity Attack Opportunity Attack
Skittish Skittish
Character information
Location Owlbear Nest, Goblin Camp, Campsite
Family Owlbear
Experience on kill 10
3D Model
Owlbear Cub Model.png

Owlbear Cub is a Beast creature and a potential Camp Follower encountered in Act One.

Attacks and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Tiny Claws[edit | edit source]

Lash out with your tiny but deadly paws.


Attack Roll: +3

D4 Slashing.png 1d4 + 1 (2~5) Damage Types Slashing

Recruiting as a Camp Follower[edit | edit source]

The Owlbear Cub can be recruited as a pet Camp Follower and will remain in the Campsite after being recruited.

First, the mother Owlbear must be encountered in the Owlbear Nest in the Forest, near the Blighted Village. Regardless of whether the Owlbear survives the encounter, after resting the Owlbear Cub can be found in the Goblin Camp where it can be freed by playing Chicken Chase or by persuading the goblins.

After being released and after several rests, the cub will arrive at the Campsite and can be recruited. It will appear twice. The first time, it can be fed, but will get scared by another member of the camp, and run off. The second time (which may be some rests later), it will show up injured. When healed, it will become friendly. At some point after this, a rest will be interrupted by a noise. If the player has the ability to speak with animals, it will be revealed that the cub had a nightmare, and Scratch is trying to calm him down. The cub will also remark that Scratch reminds him of his bigger brother. If asked about that, the cub will say that he used to have an older brother, but their mother ate him.

Should the player have already killed the entire Goblin Camp before encountering the Owlbear, the Owlbear Mother will be killed by a Goblin hunting party and the Cub will show up at your camp after a couple of long rests.

If the player chooses to call Lump the Enlightened to participate in combat with the Goblin Camp exterior when the cub is present, the Owlbear Cub will become hostile to the three Ogres and by extension the player party. It is possible that using a non-lethal attack to knock the Owlbear Cub unconscious will allow the creature's progression to continue.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

A-You Have Two Hands for a Reason.jpg You Have Two Hands for a Reason
Pet Scratch and the owlbear cub at the same time - the greatest joy an adventurer could ask for.

Companion Interactions[edit | edit source]

If you slay the Owlbear before the cub in the Owlbear Nest

  • Let the creature live.
Gale approves +1 Karlach approves +1 Shadowheart approves +1 Wyll approves +1
  • Attack.
Gale disapproves -1 Karlach disapproves -1 Laezel approves +1 Shadowheart disapproves -1

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons, an Owlbear is classed as a Monstrosity, not a Beast. This is in line with its classification in second edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, where druids could use Wild Empathy and other animal-focused abilities on them.

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