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An Elixir being inspected from the Alchemy window

Similar to Potions, Elixirs are consumable items that can be drunk as a bonus action to apply a variety of beneficial effects. Unlike Potions, the effects of an Elixir last until either taking a long rest or drinking another Elixir. Many Elixirs can be created with Alchemy.

A character can only benefit from the effects of one elixir at a time: drinking an elixir immediately cancels any active effects of a previously drunk elixir.

Other activities can cause elixir benefits to end, including:

The description of an Elixir of Barkskin

List of Elixirs[edit | edit source]

Elixir Icon.png List of Elixirs
Name Rarity Ingredient Value Throwable Effect
Elixir of Acid ResistanceElixir of Acid Resistance Common -

Not craftable

10 Yes Damage Types Acid Resistance
Elixir of Cold ResistanceElixir of Cold Resistance Common -

Not craftable

45 Yes Damage Types Cold Resistance
Elixir of Force ResistanceElixir of Force Resistance Common -

Not craftable

45 Yes Damage Types Force Resistance
Elixir of Hill Giant StrengthElixir of Hill Giant Strength Common Hill Giant FingerHill Giant Finger 30 No Increase your Strength to 21
Elixir of Radiant ResistanceElixir of Radiant Resistance Common -

Not craftable

10 Yes Damage Types Radiant Resistance
Elixir of Thunder ResistanceElixir of Thunder Resistance Common -

Not craftable

45 Yes Damage Types Thunder Resistance
Elixir of Arcane CultivationElixir of Arcane Cultivation Uncommon WeavemossWeavemoss 20 - Gain an additional Level 1 Spell Slot
Greater Elixir of Arcane CultivationGreater Elixir of Arcane Cultivation Uncommon LaculiteLaculite 30 - Gain an additional Level 2 Spell Slot
Elixir of BarkskinElixir of Barkskin Uncommon Wood BarkWood Bark 30 Yes Increases your Armour Class Armour Class to 16
Elixir of BloodlustElixir of Bloodlust Uncommon Worg FangWorg Fang 25 - Once per turn when you kill a foe, you gain 5 Temporary Hit Points and an additional Action
Elixir of Cloud Giant StrengthElixir of Cloud Giant Strength Uncommon Cloud Giant FingerCloud Giant Finger 160 - Increase your Strength to 27
Elixir of DarkvisionElixir of Darkvision Uncommon Crystalline LensCrystalline Lens 50 - Gain the effects of DarkvisionDarkvision
Elixir of Fire ResistanceElixir of Fire Resistance Uncommon Dragon Egg MushroomDragon Egg Mushroom 45 Yes Damage Types Fire Resistance
Elixir of HeroismElixir of Heroism Uncommon Pegasus FeatherPegasus Feather 30 - Gain 10 Temporary Hit Points and BlessBless
Elixir of Lightning ResistanceElixir of Lightning Resistance Uncommon Broken MachineryBroken Machinery 45 Yes Damage Types Lightning Resistance
Elixir of Peerless FocusElixir of Peerless Focus Uncommon BelladonnaBelladonna 20 -
Elixir of Poison ResistanceElixir of Poison Resistance Uncommon Mud Mephit WingMud Mephit Wing 45 Yes Damage Types Poison Resistance
Elixir of the ColossusElixir of the Colossus Uncommon Chasm CreeperChasm Creeper 50 - Gain the effects of EnlargedEnlarged
Elixir of VigilanceElixir of Vigilance Uncommon HookHook 100 -
Elixir of Battlemage's PowerElixir of Battlemage's Power Rare Gauth EyestalkGauth Eyestalk 65 - Gain Arcane AcuityArcane Acuity for 3 turns.
Elixir of Guileful MovementElixir of Guileful Movement Rare Ochre Jelly SlimeOchre Jelly Slime 40 - Gain the effects of Freedom of Movement Freedom of Movement
Elixir of Necrotic ResistanceElixir of Necrotic Resistance Rare Black OleanderBlack Oleander 45 - Damage Types Necrotic Resistance
Elixir of See InvisibilityElixir of See Invisibility Rare Nothic EyeNothic Eye 40 - Gain See InvisibilitySee Invisibility
Elixir of ViciousnessElixir of Viciousness Rare Shadowroot SacShadowroot Sac 50 - The number you need to roll to land a Critical Hit is reduced by 1.
Superior Elixir of Arcane CultivationSuperior Elixir of Arcane Cultivation Rare Night OrchidNight Orchid 65 - Gain an additional Level 3 Spell Slot
Tadpole ElixirTadpole Elixir Rare Tongue of MadnessTongue of Madness 30 - Gain Psionic Weakening and Psionic Enrichment
Elixir of Psychic ResistanceElixir of Psychic Resistance Very Rare Intellect Devourer CerebellumIntellect Devourer Cerebellum 45 - Damage Types Psychic Resistance
Supreme Elixir of Arcane CultivationSupreme Elixir of Arcane Cultivation Very Rare Beholder IrisBeholder Iris 65 - Gain an additional Level 4 Spell Slot

Unique Elixirs[edit | edit source]

These elixirs cannot be crafted and are not sold by normal merchants. They can only be obtained by giving blood samples to Araj Oblodra, and each character can only do this once, so the number available is limited.

Elixir Icon.png List of Elixirs
Name Rarity Value Effect
Elixir of Dragonborn Prowess: AcidElixir of Dragonborn Prowess: Acid Rare 10
Elixir of Dragonborn Prowess: FireElixir of Dragonborn Prowess: Fire Rare 10
Elixir of Dragonborn Prowess: FrostElixir of Dragonborn Prowess: Frost Rare 10
Elixir of Dragonborn Prowess: LightningElixir of Dragonborn Prowess: Lightning Rare 10
Elixir of Dragonborn Prowess: PoisonElixir of Dragonborn Prowess: Poison Rare 10
Elixir of Dwarven ResilienceElixir of Dwarven Resilience Rare 10 Add your Proficiency Modifier to Saving Throws until you succeed on 3 of them
Elixir of Elven EleganceElixir of Elven Elegance Rare 10
Elixir of Githyanki ProvidenceElixir of Githyanki Providence Rare 10
Elixir of Gnomish IngenuityElixir of Gnomish Ingenuity Rare 10 Gain Proficiency in Sleight of Hand checks and can cast Knock Knock
Elixir of Half-Elven HealingElixir of Half-Elven Healing Rare 10 Regain Hit Points Hit Points equal to your Constitution score.

(This is an instantaneous effect, more like a potion than an elixir.)

Elixir of Half-Orcish FuryElixir of Half-Orcish Fury Rare 10 The next time you are DownedDowned, you instead drop to 1 hit point
Elixir of Halfling LuckElixir of Halfling Luck Rare 10 Gain Advantage on Skill Checks
Elixir of Human VersatilityElixir of Human Versatility Rare 10 Gain Proficiency in all skills
Elixir of Tiefling ViceElixir of Tiefling Vice Rare 10

Other[edit | edit source]

The following items are called Elixirs, but function more similary to Potions.

Turn Based Duration[edit | edit source]

Terminology Note[edit | edit source]

In-game, "Potion" is used as a general category of liquid consumables that includes the more specific categories of Potions, Coatings and Elixirs, which are highlighted in tooltips. Only consumables labelled as "elixirs" follow the specific rules mentioned above.

In the tabletop game, "elixir" is just a word used to name particularly powerful potions, and a few potions in Baldur's Gate 3 follow this convention despite functioning as regular potions. These "false elixirs" are included in the Potions page.