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Dolly Dolly Dolly or Dolly Thrice is a pixie trapped in the Moonlantern carried by Kar'niss, a drider travelling through the Shadow-Cursed Lands. She typically speaks in rhymes.

Events of Baldur's Gate 3

Act Two

After travelling to the Shadow-Cursed Lands, the player may meet Kar'niss, who is able to travel through the shadow curse with the assistance of a Moonlantern that is powered by Dolly Thrice. If Kar'niss is defeated, the player can collect and investigate the Moonlantern.

Inspecting the Moonlantern will result in Dolly pleading with the player to free her. The player can ignore her, torture her, release her gently, or release her by smashing the lantern. Releasing her by either means will destroy the lantern, however Dolly will reward the player with the Filigreed Feywild Bell. This bell grants the entire party the condition Pixie Blessing Pixie Blessing, which gives immunity from the Shadow Curse without the need for a Moonlantern.

Refusing to release Dolly from the lantern will result in her dropping the rhyming speech affectation and instead viciously cursing the player out. While the lantern is equipped from then on, she will occasionally pipe up with further insults and demands to be released.

If the player is The Dark Urge, the Urge will want to kill the pixie by crushing it between their fingers. Doing this yields no benefits, forcing the player to find another Moonlantern if they want to traverse the stronger areas of the Shadow Curse.

If the player is escorted to Moonrise Towers by Kar'niss, Dolly Dolly Dolly will die and so cannot be freed from the lantern.

Act Three

If you free her during Act Two, during the mission "Stop the Presses", the "Printing Press" will recognise you and will allow you to change the printing to something more favourable.

Dolly Dolly Dolly can also still be spoken to at any time by using the Filigreed bell during Acts Two and Three.


If the player is rude to Dolly Thrice, she will have some fun at their expense and apply one turn of polymorphed.

  • I'm afraid I don't know the magic words. Mind sharing them?
  • We're living in a magical theatre show puppeteered by a madman.

If the player smashes the moonlantern that she is trapped in, she will curse them:

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  • If the Moonlantern was not automatically inspected after picking it up, equipping it will allow the player to use the action "Inspect Moonlantern" to talk to Dolly Thrice.
    • If the action is not in the quick action bar, it can be found in the Spellbook menu under "Common".
  • Dolly Thrice's Pixie Blessing will disappear if the party leaves a region (for example if they travel back to the Wilderness from the Shadow-Cursed Lands).
    • Because of this, if the blessing is applied during Act Three, there is no way to remove it.
  • Dolly is one of the few characters able to break the "fourth wall" and acknowledge that she is part of a video game. When using the Filigreed Feywild Bell, the player has the option to tell her that the "magic words" are "We're living in a magical theatre show puppeteered by a madman". Dolly replies that the player is not supposed to know that, and polymorphs them into a pig for two turns as punishment.