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Glourik is a female ogre appearing in Moonrise Towers in Act Two.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

She appears on the second floor of Moonrise towers. Depending on whether Ketheric Thorm is still in the throne room or not, she will either be standing outside of Balthazar's room, or beside Radija and several Necromites guarding the door leading to the rooftop altar. After the cutscene with Ketheric and Disciple Z'rell downstairs, the latter will be with Glourik upstairs.

If Glourik is with Z'rell, approaching her triggers a dialogue in which Z'rell interrogates the party and explains that the Absolute has granted her the power to 'cut the thread of life with a thought'. If the player selects the dialogue options "Show me the power She gave you" or "That's a little bit abstract- show me something real" then Z'rell will instantly kill Glourik with her mind. If Glourik is not killed, then she will move to guard the area near Z'rell's desk.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • On Tactician difficulty, her strength is increased to 20.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]