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Squire is an undead NPC found in Act Two. found in Ketheric Thorm's room on the first floor of Moonrise Towers.

Background[edit | edit source]

Squire was the Thorm family dog in life. She died the same night as Isobel while trying to protect her, a fact she now only vaguely remembers. Ketheric, as part of his desperate alliance with Myrkul to restore his lost family, revived Squire. She now serves at the right hand of the undead general as a filigreed skeleton, as loyal as she was in life.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Squire can initially be encountered patrolling in Ketheric's bedroom within Moonrise Towers.

Speak with Animals[edit | edit source]

If the player received the Blessing of Selûne Blessing of Selûne and can Speak with Animals Speak with Animals, Squire will recognize the scent of the Selûnite magic and remark that the player smells familiar.

If the player lets Squire smell them, the undead hound describes the scent with nostalgia, saying that the tower's current odor is "wrong." The skeletal dog subsequently inquires into the player's motives. The player can report that they "only want to stop the Absolute," to which Squire says her loyalties are strictly to Ketheric, not the Absolute, and lets the party pass peacefully.

Alternatively, Squire can be pacified using a Persuasion or Intimidation ability check.

If the interacting character carries Scratch's Ball, they can let Squire sniff the ball. She snaps at the player for being patronizing, but wistfully remark that whichever dog owns the ball seems comfortable and happy.

Without Speak with Animals[edit | edit source]

Squire will still recognize the familiar smell, but without the ability to converse, the player will need to pass an Animal Handling, Performance, or Intimidation check to avoid hostilities. Letting the animal sniff you first will relax the DC requirements from 18 to 16.