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Naysa is Tiefling NPC who patrols around Last Light Inn. Depending on players choices in Act Two and Act Three, she can help the party during Assault Moonrise Towers and be potential ally during Confront the Elder Brain.

Resolve the Abduction[edit | edit source]

When Flaming Fist Marcus attacks and attempts to kidnap Isobel during Resolve the Abduction, she will fight with Winged Horrors. If party fails to protect Isobel, she and everyone in Last Light Inn will turn Shadow-Cursed Undead Shadow-Cursed Undead except Jaheira.

Assault Moonrise Towers[edit | edit source]

If party didn't let Flaming Fist Marcus capture Isobel in Last Light Inn, she along with Harper Essius,Lymn and Antony will help the party against Absolute forces. After the battle, if she manages to survive fight, she will guard the first floor of Moonrise Towers with remaining Harpers.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Summonable as an ally through Gather Your Allies Gather Your Allies variant Silver Harp Squadron Silver Harp Squadron if the player completes The High Harper with Minsc alive and if she survives Act Two.

Gallery[edit | edit source]