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Fist Ulthred is a human NPC who appears in Last Light Inn. He can be seen talking to Harper Essius near the fountain. Later, depending on the players' choices he can help the party during Assault Moonrise Towers.

Assault Moonrise Towers[edit | edit source]

If the party didn't let Flaming Fist Marcus capture Isobel in Last Light Inn, he along with Fist Helena,Nipawa and Rhed will help the party against Absolute forces.

After the battle, if he manages to survive the fight, he and the remaining Fists will enter a second fight against Duckie Verish, Sarabayle, Willinx Jindlebee, a Death Shepherd and bunch of Necromites. The party can help him and the Fists, and if they survive they will continue guarding the prison until the party defeats Ketheric Thorm.

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