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Mig is an ogre working for the Cult of the Absolute who can be found in Moonrise Towers. She loves meat and claims to hear "meat-things" moving in the walls.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Upon entering the barracks of Moonrise Towers, the player can encounter Mig listening to the ceiling. She will explain that she hears "meat-sounds" moving inside the walls. She heard the noises most clearly above the kitchen but isn't allowed back in there because she tried to pet the Gnolls.

If the player follows her tip to explore the kitchen, they can discover 'Mucus' dripping down from the rafters above. Climbing a nearby ladder reveals the source of this mucus as the Cracked wall, which the player can make an Arcana check against and reach inside to figure out more about what's going on. Failing an ability check against the wall will cause the player to get a Dislocated Shoulder Dislocated Shoulder until long rest, however doing so will also provide a unique cutscene that gives the player major hints about the true nature of the Absolute.

After investigating the wall, the party can return to Mig and inform her that her suspicions were correct.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]