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Linsella is a halfling True Soul who works in the kitchen in Moonrise Towers during Act Two.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Linsella was gifted by the Absolute the ability to "rewrite the lives of her faithful". Her ability enforces the condition Dominated Will Dominated Will on creatures, and allows her to control them. It is possible Linsella is controlling the True Soul gnolls who can be found along the Risen Road with Flind.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

When first meeting Linsella, she stands in Moonrise Towers' kitchens training 'Barnabus', with the other gnolls 'Timothy' and 'Tomelia' nearby. X: 117 Y: -178

She offers to demonstrate her domination over the gnolls by forcing 'Barnabus' to dance or pray, during which his primal rage will attempt to rebel against her hold. The party can pass a DC 16 Wisdom check to sever her control, allowing the gnoll to murder his master. Once the gnolls are no longer dominated, they will attack the party unless another DC 16 skill check is passed, using Persuasion, Intimidation or Illithid Persuasion.

The Dark Urge will not need to pass a check to pacify the gnolls, being recognized by 'Barnabus': "...he grovels with a howl of pining awe..." and offering up a few more lines of dialogue. Alternatively, the party can reinforce her domination, or do nothing. Linsella will compliment the player if the former is chosen and reward them with a Severed Arm. If the latter is chosen, 'Barnabus' will collapse and die from the mental strain.

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