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The Ancient Forge.
This article is about the location. For the quest, see The Adamantine Forge.
Abandoned Refuge
Adamantine Forge

The Adamantine Forge is a location in the Underdark in Act One.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Adamantine Forge is an area inside Abandoned Refuge, adjacent to the Grymforge area, and shares the same region. The forge can be lowered using a lever located on the far side of the platform. To raise the platform, a button located behind the lever can be used, but it must be shot while standing on the platform if players wish to travel up with the platform.

History[edit | edit source]

After its take over by Ketheric Thorm Ketheric Thorm's Dark Justiciars, the forge was redesigned by Silouv Yali, a gnome well known for his talents for wizardry. Together, he and the Sharrans built the Great Forge, which was able to reach temperatures high enough to produce adamantine.[text 1]

Yali also conjured Grym Grym from the magma, a powerful construct said to be immune to both blades and spells.

Adamantine is an incredibly hard alloy, forged at very high temperatures by alloying an adamant ore with mithral. Due to the difficulty of creating it, adamantine is usually produced by dwarves. Most of the mithral veins in the area were depleted during the Sharran occupation by Brother Silouv, who needed large quantities for a project. [text 2]

The Adamantine Forge[edit | edit source]

Instructions for operating the forge can be found in The Great Furnace of Grymforge book. The following combinations are possible:

Waypoints[edit | edit source]

This location is adjacent to, but does not contain, the following Waypoint

caption = Underdark - Ancient Forge Underdark - Ancient Forge X: -612 Y: 294

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