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Gekh Coal seeks a pair of missing boots.

Find the Missing Boots is a quest in Act One of Baldur's Gate 3. It is initiated by speaking with Gekh Coal at the Decrepit Village in the Underdark.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Find the deep gnome runaway.
  • We offered to help a duergar to track down a runaway slave. The slave escaped with a pair of boots belonging to the duergar's sergeant.
  • A duergar ordered us to find a runaway slave if we wanted to live. The slave has a pair of boots that belong to the duergar's sergeant.
  • The duergar died before we could find the slave. If we find the boots, we should bring them to their original owner - the duergar's sergeant.
Get the boots
  • We finally found Thulla, the deep gnome slave. She must have the boots.
  • We killed Thulla to get the boots. (Boots can be looted.)
  • We cured Thulla -- she was very thankful. (Boots are gifted for curing Thulla)
  • We found the corpse of a deep gnome. This must be the runaway slave - she won't be needing those boots anymore.
Talk to Sergeant Thrinn.
  • Thulla gave us the boots. Their original owner is probably still interested in getting them back.
  • Gekh Coal reminded us to bring the boots to his sergeant, Thrinn.
  • Gekh Coal died. We should bring the boots to their original owner - the duergar sergeant.
  • We took the boots off the gnome's body. The duergar sergeant probably still wants them.
  • We should give the boots to the duergar sergeant.
  • We took the boots from the injured gnome - she was too weak to stop us.
Quest Complete
  • The duergar are hostile. Delivering the boots is probably not an option anymore.
  • We returned Sergeant Thrinn's boots.
  • We gave the boots to Sergeant Thrinn and were rewarded.
  • Things turned violent with Sergeant Thrinn.
  • Sergeant Thrinn died before we could return her boots.
  • We left the region without returning Sergeant Thrinn's boots.
  • The duergar left without her boots.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Gekh Coal can be encountered within the Decrepit Village north of the Underdark Beach Waypoint. Immediately upon entering Coal's proximity, he confronts the party, calling them "sun-scum" who are too loud. He says he plans to "hush" the party before they draw in something hungry with their noise and draws his axe. Coal can be made to stand down with a variety of dialogue options:

  • I could've killed you before you even noticed me, but I didn't. Stand down. (if approached in stealth)
  • [INTIMIDATION] I'm a rabid dirty dog, and I bite. (DC 10) Dark Urge Only
  • [INTIMIDATION] Take your hand off that axe before you lose it (DC 15)
  • [RELIGION] Stand down - I'm a follower of the Absolute, just like you. (DC 15)
  • [PERSUASION] I can be discreet. No need for bloodshed. (DC 15)
  • [DUERGAR] I'm a duergar, idiot - we're practically kin.
  • [DETECT THOUGHTS] Read the duergar's thoughts. (DC 15)
  • I follow the Absolute. Take your hand off that weapon. (If mind was read)

However, Coal never stands down if the player character is a Deep Gnome, as he believes they are another runaway slave. Drow have an easier time convincing Coal to stand down (DC 10 vs 15), as he assumes they are a True Soul. Additionally, if the party recruited Glut as part of Avenge Glut's Circle, then Coal attacks on sight. He is joined by a group of duergar, and a few undead minions.

If the party manages to stop Coal from attacking, then he tells them not to get in the way of his hunt. If asked what he's doing down here, Coal responds that a runaway slave stole his superior, Sergeant Thrinn's boots. The slave is hiding amongst the Myconid Circle and he's waiting for her to eventually make a break for it. The party can offer to help Coal track down the missing boots, or tell him it's not their problem, in which case he attacks.

ThullaX: 83 Y: -97 is the deep gnome slave taking refuge in the Myconid Colony. She can be found on the same mushroom platform as Sovereign Spaw. When the party first encounters Thulla, she is afflicted with Duegar Poison and has had her health reduced. Once the party speaks with Thulla, she must be cured within three Long Rests. After the third Long Rest, Thulla dies and becomes a myconid husk. The boots cannot be pickpocketed off Thulla if she becomes a myconid husk, but they can be looted off her corpse if she is killed. If the party cures Thulla as part of Cure the Poisoned Gnome, she relinquishes the boots as a reward. Otherwise, choosing "[INVESTIGATION] She's helpless. Check if she has anything worth taking" (DC 10) and choosing "Take the boots" allows the party to take them by force.

Return to the Decrepit Village and speak to Coal, who says he'll stay and clean up while the party should return the boots. Go to the boat on the dock to enter Grymforge. If Coal is dead, simply take the boat. During the trip over, a group of duergars on another boat led by Corsair Greymon questions the party on what they're doing on Coal's boat:

  • [DECEPTION] I saw a body left by the myconids - your 'Gekh' must be dead. (DC 10)
  • I work on Gekh's behalf. I'm after his sergeant's stolen boots.
  • I seek the sergeant - I believe she's keen to get these boots back.
  • [INTIMIDATION] In the name of the Absolute - you will let me pass. (DC 10)

Succeed the check and Corsair stands down, telling the party to speak with the sergeant. Once docked, another duergar, Morghul tries to extort money from the party. Tell her "I’m not giving you a single coin" and she backs off immediately.

Thrinn is in front of a cave-in in the Abandoned RefugeX: -626 Y: 331. Speak to her about the boots and she rewards the party with a choice between two items. She also informs the party about a trapped True Soul, Nere, starting Free True Soul Nere.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Once the dialogue with Gekh Coal is exhausted, the duergar can be fought and killed while still being able to complete this quest, since the character for turning them in is in Grymforge.
  • The boots can be retrieved from Thrinn, should the player turn on her during Free True Soul Nere.