Lava Elemental

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The Lava Elemental is an Elemental that can be found in Grymforge. The presence of lava elementals disturbs nearby lava, and they heal while standing in it.

About Lava elementals[edit | edit source]

These elemental creatures can manipulate lava. They rapidly heal while standing in lava and can use their Create Lava ability to create lava underneath them if no lava is nearby. Controlling and removing a Lava Elemental's access to Lava is key to defeating one. Note that effects that prevent the target from regaining hit points, such as the Bone Chill spell, will prevent the regeneration regardless of whether the elemental is in lava.

Attacks and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Create Lava.webp
  • Draw on the Plane of Fire to melt the ground and create a small Lava Surface under you.