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The Overgrown Ruins, and associated waypoint. This screenshot shows both the lower entrance on the Ravaged Beach and the upper Chapel Entrance.
The Overgrown Ruins, and associated waypoint. This screenshot shows both the lower entrance on the Ravaged Beach and the upper Chapel Entrance.
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The Overgrown Ruins is a location within the Wilderness, and are the remnants of what appears to have once been a chapel, though time has eroded many of the clues as to who exactly was revered here.[note 1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

The ruins consist of the exterior location – the Chapel Entrance – and the interior locations Refectory and Dank Crypt.

A group of looters are canvassing the Overgrown Ruins. Gimblebock Gimblebock , Quelenna Quelenna , Taman Taman , and Warryn Warryn stand guard outside in the Chapel Entrance, while Andorn Andorn , Barton Barton , Cefrey Cefrey , Haseid Haseid , Mari Mari and Torgga Torgga loot the Refectory.[note 2]

Entering this area will grant the party 10 Experience if at character level 2, 30 XP at level 3, and 40 XP at level 4.

Chapel Entrance[edit | edit source]

See main article: Chapel Entrance
The Chapel Entrance, showing the structure of the upper ruin, and looters prepared for an ambush.

The Chapel Entrance is an exterior location in the Wilderness. It covers the upper section of the Overgrown Ruins. Four looters have set up base here, and are arguing whether to continue looting, or to check out the Nautiloid Wreck to the south. The Chapel Entrance contains a door to the Refectory, and a hidden hatch to the Dank Crypt.

There are also several patches of Twisting Vines, and a loose Cracked Stone that may punish those who forget to watch their step.

Refectory[edit | edit source]

The shrine inside the Refectory

The Refectory can be accessed via the Chapel Entrance.[note 3] If the party failed to convince Andorn, the looter guarding the entry to the ruins, to let them in peacefully, there will be a trap near the entrance door, and the looters inside will be alert, grouped, and ready for combat.

An Ornate Door with no visible lock or handle leads into the Dank Crypt, and can be opened by using a hidden switch behind a statue X: -174 Y: -362. Succeeding at a Perception check is required to spot the switch. If the party fails to spot this switch, Dank Crypt can still be accessed by either destroying the door, or by lockpicking the Ancient Door found at the Ravaged Beach. Alternatively, when approaching Refectory from the Dank Crypt, this ornate door can be opened by lighting up the two candles adorning it.

If the Digital Deluxe Upgrade was purchased, the Portrait of Fane can be found on the wall in the entrance chamber.

Dank Crypt[edit | edit source]

The Dank Crypt (also known as Temple Ruins) is strewn with ancient sarcophagi and largely overgrown. One of the walls has collapsed, revealing a seaside cave that leads back to the Roadside Cliffs. A large statue of the god File:Portrait Jergal.png Jergal sits in the lower courtyard.

Trapped sarcophagus[edit | edit source]

The southern room with a sarcophagus in the middle is heavily trapped. When the sarcophagus is opened, gargoyle heads lining the west and east walls will start firing firebolts into the room. Meanwhile, gas vents will start pouring flammable gas into the room, and Grease traps will flood the ground with slippery, Difficult Terrain and additional flammable surfaces. All of these traps require DC 15 Perception check to spot. On the middle pillar on the eastern side of the room is a button that will turn off the traps once triggered; it also requires a perception check to spot.

  • The gas vents can be blocked by placing crates, vases, and other similar items on top of them.
  • The vents, grease traps, and gargoyle heads can also be disarmed using a Trap Disarm Toolkit. Given the number of traps, the dearth of toolkits the party will likely have at this early stage of the game, and the fact that a toolkit will be consumed and the trap will be triggered if the attempt fails, this can be a risky option.

Shrine of Jergal[edit | edit source]

Behind heavy oak doors to the north lies a large, overgrown chamber centered around an imposing, skeletal statue. A DC 15 Religion check identifies the statue as Jergal, the divine scribe and former greater deity of death. There is a hidden button to the west of the statue at X: 298 Y: -232; a DC 7 Perception check highlights the button, but is not necessary to reveal it. When pressed, a secret door beside the button will open and the skeletons in the room (four Entombed Scribes and one Entombed Warrior) will come to life and attack the party.

  • The enemies can be disarmed before triggering the fight by looting their weapons. This is more useful against the warrior, as the scribes will rarely attack with their staves
  • Attempting to manipulate the skeleton's positions by picking up or moving the bodies will instantly trigger combat

In a small room west of the shrine can be found a Soul Coin in a sarcophagus. Reading the book Book of Dead Gods requires a successful Arcana or Intelligence Check (if wizard) or Wisdom (if Cleric or Paladin), followed by a Religion (DC 10) and Investigation (DC 10) check; succeeding earns the Inspiration Icon.pngInspirational Events Secrets of the Sundering (Sage background) and Divinity Undone (Acolyte background).

Withers[edit | edit source]

Withers, being awoken from his slumber, asks a question.

Withers Withers will emerge from a sarcophagus in the secret room, if the sarcophagus is interacted with. He will ask the closest party member a question and then later join the party as a follower in their camp. Withers will offer resurrection, hireling, and respec services in the camp. Meeting Withers for the first time earns the Inspiration Icon.pngInspirational Event Unfamiliar Unfamiliarity (Haunted One background).

If the party neglects to visit the Dank Crypt, Withers will eventually show up at camp, regardless.

Other information[edit | edit source]

  • There is a sarcophagus in the southern trapped room X: -293 Y: -325 that contains an Engraved Key and The Watcher's Guide. The key opens the large locked heavy oak doors to the north.
  • There is a Heavy Key on the body of an Entombed Scribe X: -311 Y: -252. This key unlocks the Ancient Door near the trapped sarcophagus that leads to the Ravaged Beach.
  • The Amulet of Lost Voices can be found inside a chest X: -293 Y: -233 in the secret room behind the Shrine of Jergal.
  • East of the room with the Entombed Scribes, near the water, is a ladder leading above to the Chapel Entrance through a locked trapdoor X: -252 Y: -270. A lever next to the ladder will unlock the trapdoor.
  • It is possible to access the Dank Crypt from the outside by lockpicking the same hatch to the east of the Chapel Entrance X: 318 Y: 362.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The Overgrown Ruin is named after the Waypoint, for the convenience of connecting the related smaller locations.
  2. If the party dropped the Foundation Block through the floor of the Chapel Entrance, the looters inside will automatically be hostile.
  3. In early access this area was known as the Bedchamber
  4. Only available if the Digital Deluxe Upgrade was purchased)