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The Wizard of Waterdeep is the Companion quest for Gale. It is automatically added to the journal if Gale joins the party in Act One.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Continue travelling with Gale.
  • A wizard named Gale joined the party. He claims to have been on the nautiloid - which means he's infected too.
Prepare for Gale to request a magic item.
  • Gale told us he needed to consume the Weave from powerful magic items, or a great catastrophe would occur. While he does not need them yet, it's best to be prepared. We should keep any suitable items close at hand.
Treat Gale's condition.
  • We gave Gale a potent magical item, and he was able to absorb the Weave inside. His condition has stabilised, though he warned us that it is an ongoing struggle. We should be prepared for the next time the need arises.
  • We gave Gale another magical item, but this time the Weave inside wasn't quite as effective at stabilising his condition. He seems only mildly concerned about that. For now, we should keep looking for any suitable items for the next time he calls on us.
  • Gale's 'condition' has become unstable. He needs a powerful magic item in order to consume the Weave inside. We should offer him one as soon as we can.
  • Gale's 'condition' has worsened again. He requires us to give him another magical item in order to absorb the Weave inside.
  • Gale told us about his romance with the goddess Mystra, and how in his attempt to impress her, he unleashed the orb of highly volatile Weave now buried within his chest. Corrupted as it has been by Netherese magic, he's been keeping the orb stable by feeding it the Weave contained in powerful items.
Continue your journey.
  • Gale's condition is no longer responding to treatment. We need to keep travelling, and find another way to stabilise the orb.
Find out what Elminster wants with Gale
  • We met the great wizard Elminster, weary from his time on the road. He wanted to speak with Gale about an urgent matter. We should follow up on this in camp.
Destroy the Heart of the Absolute.
  • Gale's mentor, the great wizard Elminster, sought him out in order to deliver a message from Mystra herself. She instructs him to find the 'Heart of the Absolute' and destroy it by detonating the orb. Elminster granted Gale a powerful spell in order to do this, and has stabilised to orb to grant him enough time to find it. This would be suicide for Gale. We need to learn more about this 'Heart', and how else it might be defeated.
Seek another means of defeating the elder brain.
  • We found the Heart of the Absolute in the bowels of Moonrise Towers: a powerful elder brain, controlled by a Netherese crown of incredible power. Gale was convinced he shouldn't detonate the orb. In fact, he seemed more interested in the crown the brain was wearing...

We found the Heart of the Absolute in the bowels of Moonrise Towers: a powerful elder brain, controlled by a Netherese crown of incredible power. Gale was not close enough to detonate the orb.

Speak with the bookseller at Sorcerous Sundries.
  • Gale wants to learn more about the Netherese crown controlling the elder brain. In Baldur's Gate, there is a renowned magical emporium, Sorcerous Sundries, known for its collections of rare and valuable magical tomes. He wants us to go there and speak with their bookseller and find out if they have anything on Netherese magic.
  • I spoke with the devil Raphael, who told me that he seeks a legendary Netherese artefact - the Crown of Karsus. Could this be the crown worn by the Elder Brain?
  • We found a book in Sorcerous Sundries referring to an ancient tome called 'The Annals of Karsus'. The book is hidden within the Sorcerous Sundries vault. We should see if the bookseller will grant us access.
Search Sorcerous Sundries for more information.
  • We spoke with the bookseller at Sorcerous Sundries, who mentioned an ancient tome called 'The Annals of Karsus.' This sounds like exactly the kind of book Gale was looking for.
  • The bookseller in Sorcerous Sundries is in no position to help us scour their shelves. We'll need to track down any Netherese tomes here for ourselves.
Search Tolna's office.
  • We gained access to Tolna's office. The entrance to the vault is somewhere inside. We need to work out how to open it.
  • We persuaded Tolna to tell us how the Sorcerous Sundries vault can be accessed. The entrance is via her office, though she refused to grant us access. We need to find a way into her office.
  • We found a note in Tolna's office regarding the Sorcerous Sundries vault. It sounds like the vault is protected by some invisible means. We should tread carefully.
Search the Sorcerous Sundries vault
  • We gained access to the secure vaults at Sorcerous Sundries. We should explore the vault, and see if we can discover anything that might help Gale to learn more about the Netherese crown.
  • We gained access to the Sorcerous Sundries vault via the secret portal in Tolna's office. We need to look around the vaults, and find out where the magical tomes she mentioned are stored.
  • We were teleported to the Sorcerous Sundries vaults via a magical button in Ramazith's Tower. Now we need to find the Annals of Karsus.
Find 'The Annals of Karsus' in the Sorcerous Sundries vaults.
  • We found a strange note in the vaults of Sorcerous Sundries, purportedly written by the great wizard Ramazith himself. It seems to refer to the names of the doors guarding each vault.
  • We found a note in Tolna's office regarding the Sorcerous Sundries vault. It sounds like the vault is protected by some invisible means. We should tread carefully.
Read 'The Annals of Karsus'.
  • We recovered The Annals of Karsus from the vaults in Sorcerous Sundries. We need to show it to Gale, and see what he can learn about the crown.
Reforge the Crown.
  • Gale read 'The Annals of Karsus' and discovered that they were no mere diary - they contained the original designs for the Crown of Karsus. Using this new knowledge, Gale could attempt to reforge the true crown, restoring it to its former powers. First, we need to bring the three Netherstones together.
Meet with Mystra in the Stormshore Tabernacle.
  • Elminster knew that we'd discovered the secret to forging the Crown of Karsus, and came to deliver a final summons from Mystra. Gale needs to go to her shrine in the Stormshore Tabernacle, where she will at last grant him an audience.
Claim the Crown of Karsus.
  • Gale met with Mystra in the outer planes. She told him of the true nature of the orb - that it is the Karsite Weave, a half-formed magic created by Karsus when he sought to become the god of magic. Mystra asked that Gale seize the crown and then return it to her, in exchange for which she will rid him of the orb. Claim the Crown for himself, though, and the Karsite Weave would answer to him.
  • Gale did not meet with Mystra at the Stormshore Tabernacle. Whatever she had to say to him has gone unspoken, whether good tidings or ill.

Mystra asked that Gale seize the crown and then return it to her, in exchange for which she will rid him of the orb.

  • Gale promised to return the Crown to Mystra when the elder brain is defeated.
  • Gale told Mystra he would not relinquish the Crown of Karsus to her, but that he would wield its powers.
  • If Gale gives the Crown to Mystra, he might be cured, forgiven even. But keep it, and he would be the most powerful wizard who ever lived.
  • Gale isn't the only one with designs on the Crown of Karsus. We met with Raphael, who tried to convince us to sign a contract promising the Crown to him. We refused.
  • We signed a contract with Raphael, promising to give him the Crown of Karsus once the Elder Brain is defeated. If Gale wants to relinquish the Crown to Mystra, we should destroy that contract.
  • We signed a contract with Raphael, promising to give him the Crown of Karsus once the Elder Brain is defeated. If we're to give Gale the chance to decide the Crown's fate, we should destroy that contract.
  • Our contract with Raphael has been destroyed. Once we take defeat the Elder Brain, Gale will be free to claim the Crown of Karsus.
  • Our first attempt to defeat the Elder Brain was unsuccessful - it had transformed into a Netherbrain, and was no longer held under the Netherstones' sway. We need to speak with the Emperor and reassess our approach.
  • I became an illithid after the Emperor told us this was required in order to dominate the Netherbrain. We kept hold of the Netherstones Gale needs to reforge the Crown of Karsus. It's time to face the Netherbrain.
  • Karlach became an illithid after the Emperor told us this was required in order to dominate the Netherbrain. We kept hold of the Netherstones * Gale needs to reforge the Crown of Karsus. It's time to face the Netherbrain.
  • We gave the Netherstones to the Emperor after it told us only an illithid could wield them to dominate the Netherbrain. Gale will need the Netherstones back in order to reforge the Crown of Karsus. It's time to face the Netherbrain.
  • We gave the Netherstones to Orpheus after his transformation into an illithid. Gale will need the Netherstones back in order to reforge the Crown of Karsus. It's time to face the Netherbrain.
  • Gale offered to use the orb to ensure the Netherbrain's destruction. We agreed to his offer. It's time to face the Netherbrain.
  • Gale offered to use the orb to ensure the Netherbrain's destruction. It was a noble gesture, but we declined it.
Early Endings
  • Gale left the party and won't be coming back.
  • Gale turned against us.
  • Gale died, and is beyond our power to resurrect. So ends the Wizard of Waterdeep, but as for us - our journey must continue.
  • Gale has left camp, leaving behind a letter for us. Perhaps it will explain his disappearance.
  • We left Gale to his fate in the Shadow Cursed Lands

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Note that Gale’s story spans the entire game, and has spoilers for all Acts of the game.

Act One[edit | edit source]

Recruiting Gale[edit | edit source]

Gale needs a hand.

Gale can be recruited after the Prologue is completed and the party has washed up on the Ravaged Beach. Gale is northeast of the Nautiloid wreckage, trapped in a purple portal - an Ancient Sigil Circle X: 224 Y: 326. A hand pops out of the portal, asking for help. Choose to grab the hand and pull with a DC 15 Strength check to free the mysterious individual from the trap. Warlocks can use a Charisma check to attune with the sigil’s magic, but a Strength check is still required to free Gale. The man who pops out of the portal introduces himself as Gale of Waterdeep. He recognizes the party as fellow captives of the Nautiloid and suggests that they travel together to try to cure their tadpole affliction.

Gale's condition[edit | edit source]

In order for Gale to open up, he needs to have medium affection with the origin character. He also needs to trust them. There are a number of actions that can cause Gale to trust them:

Refusing to feed Gale[edit | edit source]

If Gale is never fed an artefact after obtaining his arcane hunger, the game can end early. Continuously long resting without feeding Gale an artefact leads to him exploding, causing an early game over.

Potential items for Gale[edit | edit source]

The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of items that can be found in the Wilderness map and are able to be consumed by Gale:

The first item[edit | edit source]

After the first item, Gale thanks the party and is fully sated. The party does have a chance to ask more information of Gale, but he is cagey about giving out more. He assures the party that in due time, all will be revealed.

The second item[edit | edit source]

After the second item, Gale is again grateful, but he notes that something is wrong. Usually, consuming an artefact fully sates his hunger. This time, however, instead of fully extinguishing the flames of hunger, there were embers left still smoldering.

The third item[edit | edit source]

After the third artefact, Gale notices something is seriously wrong. The artefact is not having much of any effect at all of sating his need. He decides to finally tell the party the nature of his condition.

Gale reveals that he was a magical prodigy, being able to not only control the Weave at a young age, but compose it like a musician. He gained the attention of Mystra, the goddess of magic, who became his teacher, muse, and eventually his lover. However, Gale witnessed magic that was beyond mere mortals while he was with Mystra. Seeing the powers he was denied, he begged Mystra for more, but she told him to be content with what he had.

Looking to gain Mystra’s favor, Gale found a magical tome from the Netherese empire. It contained a fragment of Weave that had been lost after the fall of Netheril. Gale believed that by returning the fragment to Mystra, he would earn her favor and be granted the powers he desperately wanted. However, once he opened the tome, the power within the object merged within him, a Netherese orb that hungers for magic. Locked away in his tower in Waterdeep, Gale was able to manage the condition, but in the wilds, it risked becoming unmanaged. If the orb was not sated, it would detonate, with the power to level a city the size of Waterdeep.

After the third artefact, Gale begins looking into alternative solutions for his condition. He no longer needs to be fed any more items and the item tag showing Gale can consume an item no longer shows.

The weary traveler[edit | edit source]

Elminster temporarily fixes Gale's need to consume magical artefacts.

A Weary Traveler X: -132 Y: -161 is on the Rosymorn Monastery Trail which leads to the Shadow-Cursed Lands. If the party skips the Mountain Pass, he instead appears within the Shadow-Cursed Lands near the elevator which leads down to Grymforge. If the player avoids the Weary Traveler at the earlier 2 locations, he will appear on the stone bridge right in front of Moonrise Towers, close to the Waypoint. The old man asks to see Gale and, if Gale is in the party, he is identified as the great wizard Elminster Aumar. Elminster is an emissary of Mystra, seeking Gale to relay a message to him and a special charm. He firsts asks if he can rest at camp first and get a proper meal, to which he can be met at camp immediately or at a later time.

Once at camp, Elminster states that the Cult of the Absolute has been watched by Mystra, who believes it to be a threat to the Weave and the fabric of reality itself. Gale is the one person who can stop it, by detonating his Netherese Orb in the heart of the Absolute. If Gale sacrifices himself, he will have redeemed himself in the eyes of Mystra. Elminster also casts a charm on Gale, granting him control over the Orb. He is able to detonate it at will. With the message imparted, Elminster wishes Gale and the party the best of luck in defeating the Absolute and departs.

Gale gains a new ability following his meeting with Elminster – Netherese Orb Blast. This ability is one-time use and it instantly causes a game over if used. Gale stabs his chest, detonating the Orb, and a massive area explodes.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Mind Flayer Colony[edit | edit source]

If Gale is brought to the Mind Flayer Colony at the end of Act Two, there is a chance for Gale to detonate his Netherese Orb. The party encounters the Chosen Three, who are controlling an Elder Brain using a Netherese crown and three Netherstones. As commanded by his goddess, Gale attempts to detonate the Orb, but can be stopped by the party:

  • Gale, you cannot do this. You can't condemn us to death.
  • Go ahead. We stand no chance against such forces. Let's end this together.

If the latter is chosen, Gale responds with “One last gust of Weave. One last gale to end them all." Then, he detonates the Orb. The Netherbrain, the party, and the Chosen Three are all destroyed as a result, leading to an early game ending. Unfortunately, this course of action does not remove the tadpoles already implanted in the various True Souls around Faerun, causing a mass transformation of illithids. Narration reveals that the new illithids are mobilizing, turning or killing all that they encounter, causing a mass takeover of the land.

If the former is chosen, Gale needs to be convinced further:

  • You could choose me, the one who loves you. We can find another way together.
  • Please, Gale. It can't end like this. We can find another way. Together.
  • Trust me, Gale. We'll find another way.
  • Stand down! This isn't your decision to make.
  • You're right... we truly have no other choice. This is it, then - the end of ends.

This situation can also be avoided entirely by not bringing Gale to the Mind Flayer Colony, as he is too far away to detonate the orb.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Sorcerous Sundries[edit | edit source]

Gale suggests the party should visit a magic shop, Sorcerous Sundries – the finest book collection this side of Candlekeep. He believes that the crown holds powerful Netherese magic, much more so than the scraps of magic that are typically left in Netherese artefacts. Sorcerous Sundries may have books on Netheril and Karsus’ Folly that can illuminate what the crown is.

Sorcerous Sundries X: -15 Y: -68 is in the Lower City, southwest of the Baldur’s Mouth building and southeast of the Lower City Central Wall Waypoint. One the ground floor in the eastern area of the shop is a bookseller, Tolna Tome-Monger. Ask her if she has a book on a Netherese Crown. She insists that the party whispers – yelling causes the books around Tolna to explode and she refuses to speak to the party. If the party whispers the request, she’ll mention The Annals of Karsus: A Netherese Folly. Tolna states that the book is locked up in the vaults and cannot be read or bought, as the subject is too sensitive for most people. She can be persuaded, deceived, or intimidated into revealing that the key to the basement is in her office. Additionally, she also has a pamphlet in a shelf under her desk called "Path to Elminster" which when read provides a clue on how to access the path to Elminster's vault.

The clasped book opens a portal.

Go up the stairs, where there is a metal door to the north X: 12 Y: -79. Passing a DC 15 Sleight of Hand check to avoid the enchanted armours, who are guarding the top floor. Greater Invisibility is helpful in sneaking into the room undetected, and the door can be shut behind the party to avoid the armour noticing anything is amiss. A convenient Potion of Invisibility can also be found on the ground floor (taking it is not a theft).

Interact with the Clasped Book on the bookcase to open up a portal. This is the Sorcerous Sundries Basement. Once inside, open the door to enter a hallway with a locked door, which leads to the vaults. The inner door can be opened with a DC 15 Sleight of Hand check. Be warned that the vault is heavily trapped with pressure plates (all DC 10) which can cause many deadly explosive traps to trigger if the party isn’t careful. There are three doors – Elminster, Silverhand, and Karsus. However, only Silverhand is available at first. Go through the door and the party is transported to another room with a set of doors. Follow the combinations to unlock a room with a lever that unlocks the vaults:

  • Path to the Karsus Vault: Silverhand – Abjuration - Silver
  • Path to the Elminster Vault: Silverhand – Evocation – Wish

Alternatively, the Knock spell can open the Karsus vault door. Within the Karsus Vault is the Folly of Karsus on a shelf. Give it to Gale and he’ll realize the book has not only information on the Crown of Karsus, but detailed instructions on how to reforge the crown. With this information, Gale could become a god powerful enough to challenge Mystra herself. Gale’s ambitions can either be challenged or encouraged.

Once the party leaves Sorcerous Sundries, Elminster appears again at camp. He tells Gale that both he and Mystra know he read the book. Mystra wants to speak with Gale to discuss what he’s learned, and to ask why he didn’t sacrifice himself in the Mind Flayer Colony.

Audience with Mystra[edit | edit source]

Gale speaks to Mystra, face to face.

Mystra is waiting at the Stormshore Tabernacle X: 102 Y: -19, just west of the Basilisk Gate Waypoint. There is a statue of Mystra that has been magically charged with a teleportation link. Gale only has to will it, and he’ll be face to face with Mystra. Before departing, Gale asks for some words of wisdom, to which the party can encourage reconciliation with Mystra, tell him he owes her nothing, or simply tell him to keep his cards close to his chest.

Mystra informs Gale that the piece of Weave he sought to return to her was actually a part of the Karsite Weave and it carries with it Karsus’ relentless desire for ambition. It will never be sated. Mystra has kept it from killing Gale by temporarily allowing it to feed on the true Weave. Mystra implores Gale to return the Crown of Karsus to her as it is an incredibly dangerous artefact, and says she will cure him of his condition if he complies. Returning the Crown to her would mean becoming her Chosen once again. Gale leaves the conversation unsure, saying he has much to think about.

After returning to the mortal realm, Gale relays what happened in his conversation. He says not much can be done until the party confronts the Elder Brain. At that time, they’ll have to decide what to do with the Crown.

Facing the Netherbrain[edit | edit source]

While facing the Netherbrain in Confront the Elder Brain, if Gale is in the party, there is a chance to confer with him on what to do once they have arrived on top the brain. Right before climbing the brainstem to the brain, the party realizes that they need not confront the brain at all. Gale can simply use his Netherese Orb to destroy the Crown and the brain in one fell swoop. Gale notices the hesitation and asks what’s the matter. Gale’s question can either be dismissed as nothing, or a choice can be made – "Wait. We could end this now if you unleashed the orb." Gale hesitates, but will detonate the orb with a DC 30 Persuasion check. This check can be bypassed if, during the conversation with The Emperor about becoming a Mind flayer, you request a moment to think and address Gale. He will then offer to willingly sacrifice himself and you can accept. If Gale is successfully persuaded or you accept his offer, he teleports the party away, then climbs the brainstem by himself. Gale stabs himself in the chest and detonates the Orb, sacrificing himself and destroying the brain in the process.

Otherwise, the battle commences as normal and the party defeats the Netherbrain without the orb. In this case, after the brain’s defeat, Gale remarks that the crown has sunk into the River Chionthar. He’ll need to fish it up, but first his wishes to go to a tavern and celebrate their victory. Gale can be persuaded to turn over the crown to Mystra and become her Chosen once again, or pursue the crown himself in the hopes of becoming a god.

In case of death…[edit | edit source]

The first time Gale dies, a projection appears which states it’s of extreme importance that Gale be resurrected as soon as possible. This starts the quest In Case of Death... which requires an elaborate ritual to gain a Scroll of True Resurrection. Successfully completing the ritual gains Gale’s trust.

If Gale is not resurrected within three Long Rests, his body detonates, causing a game over.

Leaving the party[edit | edit source]

There are several instances in which Gale can leave the party. If Gale is neglected and not spoken to, he eventually leaves the party with a note, stating that he must move on.

Gale can also leave the party if they ally with the Goblins during Raid the Grove. Appalled by the wholesale slaughter of innocents, Gale states that he doesn’t like the person he is when he’s with the party and that he’s not sure he should be staying. Gale can be convinced to stay with either an Insight check (“Stay. We make each other stronger. We make each other survive.”) or a Deception check (“You don’t stand a chance alone. You’re free to go. I dare you.”)

Achievements[edit | edit source]

A-Repairing the Weave.jpg

Repairing the Weave
Stabilise Gale's Netherese orb.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In Early Access, Gale could only be fed a limited number of magical artefacts that were highly rare, such as the Staff of Crones or Necromancy of Thay. This is no longer the case and Gale accepts a wide variety of items. The item description includes a tag if Gale can consume them or not.