Explore the Ruins

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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Find a way into the ruins.
    • We met some bandits near some ruins. They've been trying to break into a crypt - with no success. Whatever they're after is probably still inside.
  • Investigate the ruins.
    • When entering via the trapdoor: We've entered some ruins through an underground cave. There's bound to be some interesting artefacts down here.
    • When entering via the locked door (down on the beach): ...
    • When entering via the broken floor: ...
    • When entering via the locked door (after dealing with the looters): ...
  • Open the sarcophagus.
    • We found a large sarcophagus hidden in the ruins. Who lies within?
  • Talk to the strange figure.
    • A strange figure emerged from one of the sarcophagi we opened. Seems like he has something to say.
  • The strange figure said he would see us again soon. He was probably the ruins' greatest secret, but there's no harm in cheacking for more valuables.

Quest’s Rewards[edit | edit source]