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Ansur is an Undead dragon found in Baldur's Gate 3. Formerly a bronze dragon nicknamed "The Waiting Storm" and the "Heart of the Gate", Ansur was generally thought to be mere legend. Ulder Ravengard reveals that Ansur is very real, offering the player a book that starts their journey to seek Ansur and its help against the Absolute.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

As you enter the Dragon's Sanctum after your success in The Wyrmway Trials, you stumble upon the rotten carcass of a dragon. As you approach it, the corpse will reanimate and initiate dialogue.

Meeting Ansur[edit | edit source]

As Ansur's spirit awakens, it inhabits the character initiating the dialogue, speaking through them. Ansur introduces himself as the 'Heart of the Gate - butchered in flesh, risen in spirit.'

As his introduction concludes, the Astral Prism stirs, and Ansur detects the presence of The Emperor within it. Although he appears to question the player about their purpose, his words are subtly aimed at the Emperor.

Emerging from the Prism, the illithid greets Ansur warmly, remarking on the passage of time since their last encounter. Ansur addresses the Emperor as Balduran, prompting a response that the name's resurgence was unexpected, especially from a familiar voice.

Ansur hints at a deeper connection with Balduran, alluding to their relationship before Balduran's transformation and slaying of Ansur. The deceased dragon taunts the Emperor, suggesting he's returned with a thrall and pondering the extent of Balduran's downfall. Regardless of the player's response, Ansur's anger flares at the Emperor, accusing him of betrayal despite having given everything. This crescendos into a confrontation against the reanimated remains of the One Who Roars.

After the battle[edit | edit source]

Following the battle and Ansur's second demise, the Emperor starts a conversation with the player. When questioned about his history, he unveils his identity as Balduran prior to becoming an illithid, offering a glimpse into his past.

Within these scenes, the Emperor reveals that it was actually Ansur who rescued him from the clutches of the Elder Brain's control. It was Ansur who tracked Balduran down after his abduction and infection by the colony, who brought Balduran home, and searched for a way to reverse the transformation. Ansur's dedicated efforts were unfortunately not rewarded with success, and this took a great toll on his spirit.

Ansur still clung to the hope that his friend could be cured, even after he had "exhausted all possibility" of reversing Balduran's transformation. Balduran, in contrast, now denied the idea that he "needed to be cured." The Emperor tells the player that, in his perception of events, he had accepted his fate and even saw ceremorphosis as a blessing.

The Emperor explains that, at some point, he tried to convince Ansur that this was how he truly felt. This confrontation led to the fateful night where a grieving Ansur attempted to "mercifully" end Balduran's life by killing him as he slept, but the Emperor ended up killing Ansur first.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

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Ansur can be a hostile enemy in at least one known combat encounter.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

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