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Orin is a dangerous shape-shifting opponent.

Get Orin's Netherstone is a quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It is started automatically after entering Wyrm's Rock Fortress and long resting, or by entering the sewers for the first time.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Head west on the road to Baldur's Gate.
  • Orin, the Lash of Bhaal, is hiding somewhere in Baldur's Gate with a Netherstone. We must find her and take it.
Search Baldur's Gate for Orin.
  • We need to scour the city for clues to Orin's location - murder most foul may be the place to start when tracking a Bhaalist.
  • Orin confronted us in a shapechanged disguise - then teleported away. We should keep looking for clues as to her base of operations.
Find and gain access to the Temple of Bhaal.
  • Gortash told us Orin resides in the Temple of Bhaal. We must find the temple and a way of getting in.
  • We found the Temple of Bhaal, but the doors are sealed shut. We need to find a way in - Orin may be inside.
  • We found a cruel and deliberately staged murder scene in Baldur's Gate - it could be the work of Orin.
  • We met a Flaming Fist Constable investigating Bhaalist murders in the city. We should investigate - this trail of blood may lead us to Orin and her Netherstone.
  • We found a Bhaalist target list - new recruits are being asked to stage murders as Absolute butchery. We should investigate: successful recruits gain access to the Temple of Bhaal, where Orin awaits.
  • Orin has kidnapped one of our number - we must find the Lash of Bhaal and free our companion.
  • Orin kidnapped Yenna - a young girl we met in Rivington. We must find the Lash of Bhaal and rescue her.
  • We killed Bane's Chosen, just as Orin requested. Now we need to bring his severed hand to the Murder Tribunal - where we will gain access to the Temple of Bhaal and Orin herself.
Find a way to access the Temple of Bhaal.
  • We slew Justice Sarevok and his Murder Tribunal - we should search his belongings to find a way into the Temple of Bhaal.
  • We found a Bhaalist Amulet on Sarevok's body. It may help us enter the Temple of Bhaal.
  • We found a map pointing us towards the Temple of Bhaal's hidden Undercity location.
  • Investigator Valeria told us where to find the Temple of Bhaal - Orin awaits us there.
Open the Temple of Bhaal and confront Orin.
  • Now we have the Bhaalist Amulet and the Temple of Bhaal's location, we can finally face Orin.
  • Justice Sarevok found us worthy of entering the Temple of Bhaal: he gave us an Amulet to open the doors as well as the Temple's location. We should go there - Orin awaits.
Confront Orin in the Temple of Bhaal.
  • We opened the Temple of Bhaal using the Bhaalist Amulet - now we must face Orin within.
  • The doors to Father's Temple opened before us - as the Bhaalspawn's right. We must enter and slay Orin.
Defeat Orin.
  • We must slay Orin to claim her Netherstone.
Retrieve Orin's Netherstone from her dagger.
  • With Orin dead, we must retrieve the Netherstone from her dagger.
Quest Complete
  • We have slain one of Bhaal's fetid spawn and claimed her Netherstone.

Orin's Kidnapping[edit | edit source]

Orin kidnaps a party member under various circumstances. One event trigger is long resting after arriving in the Lower City. Orin shapeshifts as the party member she abducts and speaks to the party. Orin only abducts characters who are at camp and not in the current party. If there are no eligible companions at camp (for example if only three party members were recruited at all, or by using a party limit extender mod), Yenna will be kidnapped instead. If Orin's kidnapping has not been triggered through a long rest, it can also be triggered in the City Sewers. In this case, the event is mostly the same for each person - the kidnapping victim appears grievously injured and begs the party to run away, explaining how they were brutally tortured by Orin. Then, Orin reveals herself and the kidnapping plot.

After Orin reveals she has a hostage, she states her demands. Gortash bound her blade when the Chosen Three initially came together, making her unable to harm him. For this reason, she needs the party to step in and kill him. After this, she intends to face the party in a battle to the death - winner takes the Netherstones. As long as the party takes him down, she won't harm her captive. The initiates Rescue Orin's Victim.

If the party chooses to pursue Gortash first and manages to complete Get Gortash's Netherstone, Orin sends a blood to letter to camp titled "Congratulations on the Murder of Gortash." She tells the party that they must now face the Murder Tribunal and become an unholy assassin of Bhaal before they can face her. She gives the party a location - Candulhallow's Tombstones and a password - 'Sicarius.' This starts Impress the Murder Tribunal.

If the party does not want to face Gortash first, then Investigate the Murders must be completed. Finishing the quest also reveals the location and password for the tribunal.

Candulhallow's Tombstones[edit | edit source]

Entrance to Candulhallow's Tombstones

Candulhallow's Tombstones is northeast of Elfsong Tavern X: 74 Y: 25. Its entrance can either be lockpicked, or a key used if the party successfully stopped the serial killings. Move into the back office room and remove the Butterfly on Skull painting X: 87 Y: 15 to find a button. Press the button to reveal a secret door. The only way to get past this door is to know the passphrase, Sicarius.

The painting that hides the button.

Within the basement, there is immediately a sign that says "Flaming Fists this Way." This area is heavily trapped with grease barrels that alight if the party enters that way. Instead, remain on the brick path on the right and enter the door to the Murder Tribunal's antechamber X: -1302 Y: 519

Infiltrate the Murder Tribunal[edit | edit source]

Map of the Murder Tribunal.

Enter the Murder Tribunal Antechamber and speak to That Which Guards. The entity provides a riddle, "Present me well from gifts thine own, or I shall rend thy flesh from bone." Choose "I killed to be here - and took the victim's hand as proof" to proceed forward. The party can use the hand bag from Dolor, the hands taken from any victims they chose to kill, or the hand of Gortash to gain entry. Choosing any other option results in a fight with the guards, and the Murder Tribunal becomes hostile as well.

If the party chose not to pursue the serial killer Dolor, then he is at the Tribunal arguing with That Which Guards. That Which Guards states that only one murderer can go forth into the Tribunal. The party can tell Dolor to either go ahead, persuade him to fight against the Tribunal, or fight him to the death.

If the party chooses not to fight their way through, they come face to face with Sarevok Anchev, along with the Echo of Amelyssan, Echo of Sendai, and Echo of Illasera. The party can ask various questions about Sarevok and how he is still alive, his ties to Orin, and information about what the Murder Tribunal is.

Sarevok states that there is no better mirror in which to see the true nature of a killer than his victim. Thus, he summons the image of one of the murder victims. The spectre cannot speak, as the murderer stole its voice. Thus, the party must speak for it. Sarevok asks how the pitiful creature was slain:

  • The deed is done - the details don't matter.
  • In combat. Honourably.
  • [DECEPTION] First, I ended its sorry existence. Then I cut the hand from its corpse.
  • [DECEPTION] Slowly and painfully. I savoured every scream.
  • [DECEPTION] With a smile on my face, and pleasure in my heart.
  • I didn't kill this person. But I will kill you.

If the soul was actually slain by the party, then no deception checks are needed. Choosing the first two options or the last option make Sarevok and the echoes hostile. Otherwise, Sarevok leads the party to the Dread Lord's Abattoir, for the next challenge. Inside the abattoir is the hollyphant investigator, Valeria. The party must choose to kill Valeria, becoming a holy assassin of Bhaal, or slay Sarevok.

An additional scene plays if either Minsc or Jaheira is in the party during the tribunal. Sarevok instantly recognizes them and declares them traitors. The party can respond by stating they are sacrifices offered up to Bhaal and kill them, or go through Intimidation or Performance checks to having Jaheira/Minsc kneel before the Tribunal. Doing the latter satisfies Sarevok enough to allow the Tribunal to continue and both Minsc and Jaheira can be baptised as unholy assassins.

Whether the party becomes an assassin of Bhaal or not, the Map to Bhaal Temple and Amulet of Bhaal needed to enter the Temple of Bhaal is acquired.

The Temple of Bhaal[edit | edit source]

Map of the Temple of Bhaal.
The hanging corpses in the Undercity Ruins.

The entrance to the Temple of Bhaal is close to the Undercity Ruins waypoint. There are two corpses hanging from the ceiling with a skull below them X: -142 Y: 934. Use a ranged attack on the corpse to make it bleed, which causes the skull to become red. Once this happens, the way to the Temple opens.

There is a long, winding path east to get to the Temple proper. Close to the entrance, an ambush of several unholy assassins occurs, detectable through a Perception check.

Once the door to the Temple is reached X: 2 Y: 1006, the Amulet of Bhaal is necessary. Place the amulet against the door to gain entry. Continue walking deep into the Temple to find Orin.

Confronting Orin[edit | edit source]

Orin's victim is shackled to an altar, which Orin has the key to. Orin welcomes the party, aware of if they became an unholy assassin or not. She also holds a dagger to the victim, threatening to kill them.

  • Like the salvation your mother offered? She attacked you on Sarevok's orders. (conditional)
  • [DECEPTION] Gortash is dead. I left him rotting on the roof of his fortress. (DC 25)
  • [PERSUASION] I did what you asked. I killed Gortash, so let him/her go. (DC 25 with advantage)
  • [INTIMIDATION] Anything you do to him/her, I will inflict on you a hundredfold. (DC 25)
  • [PERSUASION] You said Bhaal wanted us to fight. He will reject this offering. (DC 25)
  • His/Her fate is of no interest to me.

If the check is passed, Orin ignores the victim and faces the party, along with several unholy assassins. A Dark Urge character does not have to pass a check to save the kidnapped victim, as Orin's personal history with the character makes it easy to grab her attention away from the victim. However, the Dark Urge is expected to duel Orin one-on-one, without involving the rest of the player's party or Orin's allies.

Orin transforms into her Slayer form, a level 12 monstrosity. The chains to the victim can be lockpicked, freeing them and allowing them to fight alongside the party. Otherwise, the victim thanks the party once they are freed and returns to camp.

Once the battle is completed, Orin is reduced to a skeleton, and her Netherstone is automatically removed from her dagger.

If the player has used Speak with Dead on Helena's corpse in Orin's chambers and discovered the truth of Sarevok's involvement in the matricide, the player has the dialogue option, "Like the salvation your mother offered? She attacked you on Sarevok's orders." this opens an additional dialogue tree.

  • You're pathetic. No wonder he tricked you so easily.
  • [DECEPTION] Sarevok told me the truth himself. He was laughing at you. (DC 25)
  • [RELIGION] Bhaal rejoices in such cruel betrayals. You really believed you were the exception? (DC 25)
  • I'm not the one who needs saving.

Passing these checks cause a conflict in Orin, resulting in her Slayer transformation being forced by Bhaal.

Quest Rewards[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

A-First Blood.jpg

First Blood
Kill Orin while her cultists are performing their ritual chant.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This quest is not time sensitive, so long as the party does not attempt to infiltrate the Temple of Bhaal. Orin is happy to wait for the party to murder Gortash in the meantime.
  • If an origin other than the Dark Urge is chosen, then the body of the Dark Urge can be found in Orin's bedroom.