Raid the Emerald Grove

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The goblins prepare to raid the grove.

Raid the Grove is a sub-quest of the Druid Grove's main quest Save the Refugees. It can be initiated by talking to Minthara in the Shattered Sanctum within the Goblin Camp and telling her the location of the grove.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Speak with Minthara.
  • Dror Ragzlin told us to speak to the drow Minthara. She plans to raid the adventurers' refuge - the grove.
Interrogate the prisoner.
  • Minthara asked us to interrogate the prisoner. She wants to know where the adventurers were hiding out.
Speak with Minthara.
  • The adventurer gave in and revealed the location of the grove. We have what the drow Minthara needs to order the raid.
Prepare to raid the Grove.
  • Minthara is preparing to attack the grove and told us to wait for next light. We should get some rest.
  • Sazza told the drow Minthara where the grove is. Minthara plans to raid it - and wants our help.
Secure the Emerald Grove.
  • Minthara and her warband have set out for the Grove. They are waiting for us to infiltrate it.
Report to the tiefling leader.
  • We arrived at the grove just in time. Minthara's raiders will be here soon.
Blow the horn.
  • The tieflings are as ready as they can be. All that's left is to sound the horn.
Defeat the raiders.
  • Minthara arrived with raiders by her side. Defeating them means safety at last for the tieflings.
Return to Zevlor/Asharak/Cerys.
  • The goblins were beaten back, and the tieflings lived to tell the tale. Zevlor/Asharak/Cerys wants to talk.
Slaughter the Emerald Grove.
  • We chose Minthara and the Absolute over the tieflings. Now to take the grove.
  • The tieflings are dead, but the druids are making a last stand at their sacred pool.
Return to Minthara.
  • Tieflings and druids alike lie dead. The grove belongs to the Absolute. Minthara will be pleased.
  • The grove was overrun before we could get involved. We should speak to Minthara.
  • Faced with a barricade of vines, the goblins couldn't raid the grove. Minthara isn't happy.
Quest Complete
  • The goblin threat has ended, and the tieflings are ready to leave. Tonight, we celebrate our victory at camp.
  • With the tieflings dead, the grove is ours. Pleased, the Absolute granted us new powers. Tonight we celebrate at camp.
  • Minthara was furious that the grove was sealed and attacked us.
  • Minthara died before she could lead an attack on the grove.
  • Minthara died before she could reward us for our part in the attack on the grove.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Raid the Emerald Grove can be started either by talking to Minthara in the Shattered Sanctum alone, or by completing Save the Goblin Sazza and accompanying Sazza to inform Minthara about the Grove. Once the goblin forces are aware of the Grove's location, they mobilize to raid it. Minthara bids the party to go back to the Grove and infiltrate it from within. The raid occurs after the next Long Rest.

Once back at the Grove, the Druids and Tieflings have moved in response to the goblin's movements. The druids lock themselves into the Inner Sanctum and refuse to shelter any outlanders. Rikka is gathering the tiefling children, starting Find Doni if the party is willing to help her.

To start the raid, speak to Zevlor on the ramparts (X:192, Y:446). There is an option to tell him the party betrayed the tieflings, starting the battle early, or speak to him further for more information on his strategy. If Zevlor believes the party is on his side, he instructs them to sound the war horn once they are ready to start the raid. The goblins appear, as well as Minthara. Minthara orders the party to open the gate. This leads to two choices:

  • Obey and open the gate.
  • No. This grove is under my protection.

If the party obeys, Minthara and the Goblin raiders will become allies while the tieflings and Wyll (if present) will become enemies. The new group will begin moving through the grove in sections clearing out all that remain. Return to Minthara after the battle and she tells the party she'll meet them at camp. Go to camp, and Minthara congratulates the party and rewards them with a gift from the Absolute - a True Soul tadpole. After the night ends, Minthara tells the party they must go to Moonrise Towers to find their place in the Absolute's Grand Design. She provides a Spider's Lyre and explains that a servant of hers can lead the party through the Shadow-Cursed Lands where the Tower is located. Then, she leaves, stating she is gathering the troops to meet the party at Moonrise. This starts Travel to Moonrise Towers.

Protecting the grove, has the tieflings act as allies. The surviving tieflings speak to the party and thank them for their help, then celebrate at camp. If Halsin is alive, he appears to congratulate the party and explains the strange movements occurring at Moonrise Towers. He tells the party the best shot at curing their tadpoles is going there, and offers to go with them.

Quest Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Gift from the Absolute - if the goblins are sided with
  • Minthara can become a companion in Act Two, if the goblins are sided with

Consequences[edit | edit source]

Choosing to raid the Grove with the goblin forces has immense, far-reaching consequences for the game, some of which can only be felt in later Acts. These consequences include:

  • Karlach and Wyll leave the party (or cannot be recruited if they haven't already been)
  • Halsin is not available as a companion
  • Gale will leave the party unless an Insight or Deception check is passed.
  • Lift the Shadow Curse is not able to be completed in Act Two
  • Loss of many rare equipment items, as Dammon is not alive to trade in Acts Two and Three
  • Halsin, Arabella, Dammon, and Zevlor are not available for Gather Your Allies
  • Rolan will not be available for Gather Your Allies if he was convinced to stay and defend the Grove earlier.
  • All unfinished quests involving the Grove cannot be completed

If the party brings the goblins to the Grove, but then sides with the Grove, then the story plays out similarly to if the party had defeated the goblin camp leaders. The only additional risk is that some of the tieflings die in the crossfire. Siding with the Grove results in Minthara being unavailable as a companion.