Follow the Convoy

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The drider offers safe passage through the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Follow the Convoy is a sub-quest of Infiltrate Moonrise Towers in Act Two of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with Goblin near the entrance to the Shadowlands from aboveground in the Mountain Pass.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Retrieve the instrument from the drow Minthara.
  • We met a group of cultists preparing to travel to Moonrise Towers. They are waiting for a guide who must be summoned using an instrument the drow Minthara possessed.
Find the cultist camp.
  • We reached the shadow-cursed lands. We can use Minthara's instrument to summon a creature to guide us to Moonrise Towers, but we need to find the right place to play it.
  • We met a goblin who told us of a group of cultists up ahead. We should check out their camp.
Summon the guide.
  • We met a group of cultists preparing to travel to Moonrise Towers. They are waiting for a guide. We should use Minthara's instrument to summon the guide.
Talk to the drider.
  • We summoned the drider. We should speak to him.
Follow the drider.
  • We need to stay close to the drider in order to reach Moonrise Towers.
Defend the convoy.
  • Harpers are attacking the convoy - we must defend it.
Continue toward Moonrise Towers.
  • We defeated the Harpers and should continue following the drider.
Quest Complete
  • The drider can no longer aid us.
  • The drider made it to Moonrise Towers.
  • We turned against the drider and sided with the Harpers.
  • We reached Moonrise Towers without help from the cultists.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

If the party chooses to use the Mountain Pass route, as part of Travel through the Mountain Pass, then a goblin greets them and asks if they are the True Soul the goblin is expecting. The goblin tells the party to grab a torch, stick to the light as much as possible, and go to the rendezvous point to wait for the guide to Moonrise Towers. This starts the quest.

Approach the rendezvous point and an orc named Kansif asks if they have what is needed to summon the guide. To summon the Drider guide, Vez explains that a special lyre is needed - the Spider's Lyre. This lyre can be looted off Minthara's corpse if she was killed during Defeat the Goblins, gifted by Minthara if she was sided with during Raid the Grove, or by rescuing Nere in Free True Soul Nere and siding with him. Once the lyre has been produced, a Performance check (DC 16) is prompted, but the result is the same whether it's passed or failed - the guide just makes a snide comment if it was played poorly. If the party does not have the lyre, then they can summon the guide using illithid powers (Wisdom DC 14). Additionally, Barbarians, Sorcerers, Bards, Clerics, and Paladins all have special dialogue to summon the guide.

The guide in question is a Drider named Kar'niss. He owns a functioning Moonlantern and has been tasked with shuttling cultist initiates to Moonrise Towers. When the party is ready, he'll ferry them to Moonrise. Once the party agrees, Kar'niss takes off and the party must remain in the glow of his Moonlantern to stave off the shadow curse.

During the trek, a group of Harpers ambush the convoy. The party has a chance to betray the convoy and help the Harpers, or fight alongside the convoy in the hopes of being more convincing at Moonrise. If the party allies with the Harpers, they take the drider's Moonlantern and refer the party to Last Light Inn. If the party avoids making Jaheira hostile at the Inn, then they can gain the Moonlantern by speaking with Isobel. If the party sticks with the convoy, then Kar'niss safely guides them to the front entrance to Moonrise Towers.

If the party has already been to Last Light Inn and avoided making Jaheira hostile at the Inn and sided with the Harpers, the harpers will question the party after defeating the convoy and demand "Jaheira's godsend" explain their presence: the party can either blame the ambush for ruining their infiltration (persuasion DC16) or lie that they were captured by the convoy (deception dc16). Failing either will turn the ambushing Harpers hostile(only them). Succeeding either will lead to the Harpers handing over the Moonlantern

If the player resolved Marcus's attempt to abduct Isobel before meeting the convoy at the rendezvous point the convoy will have despawned and can only be encountered by going to the house where the convoy ambush takes place. This will trigger the ambush event where the player is the ambusher.