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The shrine inside the Bedchamber

Bedchamber is a Location and is part of the Overgrown Ruins dungeon in Chapter One. This area is accessed via either the Chapel Entrance or Dank Crypt locations. It was renamed to the Refectory in the full release.

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Notable NPCs[edit | edit source]

A group of looters are inhabiting this location are are tying to get deeper into the ruins.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

  • There is locked Ornate Door with no visible lock or handle. This door leads into the Dank Crypt, and can be opened by using a hidden switch behind a statue X: -174 Y: -362. This switch requires a Perception check to spot.
    • If the party fails to spot this switch, the party can still access the Dank Crypt by either destroying the Ornate Door or by lockpicking the Ancient Door on the Ravaged Beach.
  • If the player failed to convince Andorn to let them in peacefully, or if the player dropped the Foundation Block through the floor of the Chapel Entrance, the looters will be alert, grouped, and ready for combat. If Andorn is not peaceful, there will also be a trap near the door that leads to the Chapel Entrance.