The Hellion's Heart

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Karlach's heart was replaced by an infernal engine.

The Hellion's Heart is a sub-quest of Karlach Karlach's Companion quest, Our Fiery Friend Our Fiery Friend.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending story decisions.

Find an infernal mechanic
  • Karlach needs an infernal mechanic to tune up the engine she has for a heart. There might be one nearby.
Talk to Dammon.
  • We should bring Karlach to Dammon, the tiefling weaponsmith we met in the druid's grove.
Find infernal iron
  • Dammon inspected Karlach's engine. He said he'll need infernal iron in order to craft a repair.
Return to Dammon.
  • We found infernal iron; we should take it to Dammon.
Let Dammon sleep on a solution
  • Dammon upgraded Karlach's engine, but couldn't repair it yet. He'll need time to think of a solution. We should find him in Baldur's Gate - and bring infernal iron with us, too.
Meet Dammon on the road ahead.
  • We entered the shadow-cursed lands but didn't yet repair Karlach's heart. We can only hope Dammon made it to the city and can help us later.
Talk to Dammon.
  • We met Dammon sheltering in Last Light Inn. We should bring Karlach to talk to him.
Quest Complete
  • Karlach's heart was upgraded again, but Dammon bore bad news: her heart can't keep going outside of the Hells. Karlach will die if she doesn't return to Avernus.
  • Dammon can no longer help repair Karlach's heart.
  • Karlach left us - she won't be coming back.
  • Karlach is gone forever.
  • We failed to repair Karlach's heart.
  • We never found a mechanic who could help repair Karlach's heart.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Karlach struggles to control her infernal engine.

The Hellion's Heart begins after Karlach is recruited and opens up about her Infernal Engine. For example, if Karlach was taken to defeat the Paladins of Tyr as part of Hunt the Devil Hunt the Devil, she admits that the engine has been running hot since she left Avernus and that she needs to find an infernal mechanic.

Finding an Infernal Mechanic[edit | edit source]

It's possible to catch up with the infernal mechanic in three places:

Dammon inspects Karlach's engine.

The mechanic is a tiefling named Dammon Dammon . When the city of Elturel fell to Avernus, Dammon was there and was put to work as a mechanic. Upon meeting Karlach, he recognizes that her heart is from the hells. He believes he can help her, but needs to materials to do so. He has spotted several pieces of Infernal Iron on his travels and believes it is needed to aid Karlach.

There are many places Dammon can die. During the raid on the Grove in Raid the Grove Raid the Grove, Dammon can become a casualty. Dammon can die during an attack on the Last Light Inn by Marcus Marcus and his minions. If Dammon reaches Baldur's Gate, he's safe so long as the party doesn't randomly murder him.

Infernal Iron Locations[edit | edit source]

There are several different places to find Infernal Iron. Karlach's heart only needs two to get all upgrades from Dammon. Possible locations include:

Upgrading Karlach's Heart[edit | edit source]

To repair Karlach's heart, return to Dammon with Karlach in the party. Karlach must install the upgrades herself, so this only works if Karlach is present.

After the first upgrade, Karlach still feels hot, but not as much as before. She feels more powerful than ever, but it's not enough to solve the problem. Dammon commits to keep working and says he'll consider the possibility of enchanted coolant. He advises the party to look for more Infernal Iron on the road for when they meet again.

Once the second upgrade is complete, Karlach can touch other people again without burning them up. She is immensely excited and can be hugged. The moment is highly significant for Karlach, who hasn't touched another person in ten years.

If the first upgrade is done in the Grove, Dammon says he must think more about how he can help Karlach. He won't have a clear idea until after the party meets him again at the Last Light Inn. If the party initially encounters Dammon at the Last Light Inn, both upgrades can be received after a Long Rest. If Dammon was met in Baldur's Gate, both upgrades can be received at the Forge of the Nine after a Long Rest.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Although the Steel Watch has unique interactions to Karlach's infernal engine and the Gondians worked with infernal iron, there are no options to pursue more solutions for Karlach past the two upgrades with Dammon.