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Losiir is a Githyanki Fighter who replaces Lae'zel's role in the prologue while playing as her origin. Losiir has almost identical statistics and features to Lae'zel, however, he wields a scimitar and takes the Defence Fighting Style.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

When playing the Lae'zel origin, the player will encounter Losiir upon leaving the "brain room" on the Nautiloid, in the same manner that any other player character would first encounter Lae'zel. As a fellow Githyanki soldier, he is generally more agreeable and trusting toward Lae'zel than she is toward other player characters she meets in this moment. He will accompany Lae'zel as a temporary companion through the rest of the prologue.

Unfortunately, Losiir will not survive the Nautiloid crash, his corpse later found dead and bloodied on the beach. Upon seeing his body, Lae'zel will make note; "Losiir is gone. His spirit now swims the Astral Sea".

As Losiir isn't a playable character, unlike Shadowheart or Lae'zel he cannot be revived with a Scroll of Revivify. If he dies during the prologue, you'll need to use the Nautiloid's restoration pods if you want to resurrect him.

Loot[edit | edit source]

After the Nautiloid crashes, Losiir's corpse can be found on the beach, whereupon you can loot him for:

Gallery[edit | edit source]