Oathbreaker Knight

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The Oatkbreaker Knight
Type Camp Follower / NPC
Race Undead
Class Paladin
Sub-class Oathbreaker

The Oathbreaker Knight is an Undead Oathbreaker who will appear before Paladin players who have broken their oaths, and might become a temporary Camp Follower.

Breaking your Oath[edit | edit source]

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Spoiler warning! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

The Oathbreaker Knight will appear to players who have broken their oaths, and tell them he'll be waiting at Camp. The player can then question the Oathbreaker about his story and duties. The Oathbreaker Knight will reveal he was the first Oathbreaker, who broke his oath when he disagreed with the cruel ways of his patron, for which he was shamed. Since then, he has guided other Oathbreakers after failing to fulfill their oaths.

The player can then agreed to become an Oathbreaker, or wish to remain pure. If the player chooses to remain pure, the Oathbreaker Knight will demand a sum of 2000 gold - the bounty people put on his head when he broke his oath.