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Quil is a silver dragonborn singer and composer in Baldur's Gate 3. She is a temporary camp follower, found at the party's campsite if playing as the Dark Urge.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Quil Grootslang is a singer-songwriter, travelling to Baldur's Gate to publish her manuscript of love-chants, Affairs in Ancient Abeir: Songs of Draconic Love, throat-sung in Tymanther style. She is a bit of a romantic, recently made homeless after her clan-name was struck.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Act One[edit | edit source]

Quil will only appear in place of Alfira to progress the Dark Urge Origin's personal quest line, if Alfira is somehow rendered unavailable for the scene before the party long rests after reaching the Emerald Grove (such as by being killed or knocked unconscious before the long rest).

Quil is travelling to Baldur's Gate to publish a new song she has written. She has recently escaped an encounter with the nearby band of goblins who robbed her of her belongings and pants, and will request to stay at the party's camp for one night. Before the party long rests, they can learn a little about dragonborn culture, her talent for throat-singing, and her desire to roam free, away from the restrictive clan-centric culture of her people. She will also discuss love with the player character, and ask if they feel anything for anyone within the camp.

Once the party long rests on the night Quil appears at the camp, a cutscene will occur, showing that the Dark Urge has murdered her in much the same way Alfira would have been, had she appeared instead. The rest of the cutscene will play out exactly the same as if it were Alfira.

Like Alfira, rejecting Quil's request to spend the night does not change the outcome of the scene; the Dark Urge will simply track her down and drag her back to camp before disembowelling her.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

The bard Lyrux Goldthroat, found in the Lower City Guildhall, can be asked if she knows any of Quil's songs. Lyrux will reply "Of course I do", implying that Quil is a renowned musician, at least among dragonborn.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Quil's stats are identical to Alfira's, even her Hellish Resistance and Darkvision, despite silver dragonborn having neither. Conversely, Quil is also missing the Cold Resistance and breath weapon.
  • Quil will express some passive attraction towards the player character upon first meeting if they are a dragonborn. The player character will not have a chance to reciprocate this, or pursue a romance with her.
  • Quil Grootslang's last name possibly derives from a real-world legendary creature of the same name, said to be a huge serpent that lives in a deep cave in Richtersveld, South Africa. The word "Grootslang" is Dutch and Afrikaans for "Big Snake".

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