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"Halsin" acts strange at camp.

Rescue Orin's Victim is a sub-quest of the quest Get Orin's Netherstone in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It is started automatically after entering Wyrm's Rock Fortress and long resting, or by entering the sewers for the first time.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Save Orin's victim.
  • Orin abducted Lae'zel. She told us that she'll release her if we kill Gortash.
  • Orin abducted Gale. She told us that she'll release him if we kill Gortash.
  • Orin abducted Halsin. She told us that she'll release him if we kill Gortash.
  • Orin abducted Minthara. She told us that she'll release her if we kill Gortash.
  • Orin abducted Yenna. She told us that she'll release her if we kill Gortash.
Find where Orin is keeping her victim.
  • We refused Orin's deal to kill Gortash. There must be another way to save her victim - assuming they're still alive. We should find out where she took them.
Destroy the Steel Watchers.
  • We defeated a Steel Watcher - Gortash now has one fewer mechanical lackeys protecting him. Investigating the Steel Watch may be a good approach.
Take down the Steel Watch.
  • We found a letter from Orin explaining that striking down Gortash will be difficult with the Steel Watch protecting him. We should find the Steel Watch Foundry and take it down. Hopefully the abductee is still safe.
Find Orin's next instructions.
  • We destroyed the Steel Watch Foundry as Orin instructed. She seems to enjoy infiltrating our camp and leaving messages for us there - maybe that's where we'll find further instructions.
Kill Gortash.
  • With the Steel Watch destroyed and Gortash vulnerable, Orin left us a message with a clear directive: kill Gortash.
Find Orin's final instructions.
  • Gortash is dead. Orin will surely have left another note for us at camp after learning this.
Submit to the Bhaalist Murder Tribunal.
  • Orin left us a note congratulating us for killing Gortash. Her abductee is thankfully still alive. Before we can seek Orin in the Temple of Bhaal and rescue the victim, she demands that we submit to trial in something called the Murder Tribunal.
Find Orin's victim in the Temple of Bhaal.
  • We were anointed Unholy Assassin at the Murder Tribunal, gaining access to the Temple of Bhaal. We need to find Orin there if we are to rescue her victim in time.
  • We now know how to gain access to the Temple of Bhaal, but Orin won't be happy that we dismantled the Murder Tribunal. We must reach the Temple and rescue her victim before she learns this.
  • We found Orin's victim tied to an altar. We should be careful as we approach.
Check up on the victim.
  • With Orin defeated, we can finally see if her victim is all right.
Quest Complete
  • We failed to save Orin's victim from her clutches.
  • Orin's victim is safe and sound back at camp.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Kidnapping[edit | edit source]

Orin kidnaps a party member under various circumstances. The easiest event trigger is long resting after arriving in the Lower City. Orin shapeshifts as the party member she abducts and speaks to the party. Orin only abducts characters who are at camp and not in the current party. Alternatively the party is confronted by Orin in disguise as the kidnapped victim in the City Sewers. It's not possible to avoid the kidnapping before confronting Orin.

She kidnaps the following companions, prioritizing companions with the lowest approval rating:

If no potential victims are available and Yenna is told she is unwelcome at camp, Orin still appears at camp as Yenna to inform the party that the young girl was kidnapped.

Kidnapping at Camp[edit | edit source]

If the kidnapped party member is Lae'zel, she puts a knife to Yenna and claims that Yenna is a shapeshifter. The party can object, using the following options:

  • [INTIMIDATION] Let her go, Lae'zel.
  • [PERSUASION] There's something we're not seeing here.

Otherwise, "Lae'zel" kills Yenna by slitting her throat. If Yenna is saved, she runs off and Orin reveals herself.

If Gale is the unlucky target, "he" approaches the party about the orb in his chest. He states that he must sacrifice himself for the good of the many, otherwise Baldur's Gate will be only the first city to fall. As he seems to be exploding, he instead transforms into Orin, who reveals her kidnapping.

If Halsin is kidnapped during a long rest, "he" appears about to kill Scratch. He transforms back into his humanoid self, claiming that the corruption of the city is eating away at him. "Halsin" puts a knife to his chest, which the party can either slap away, try to use medicine to find a way to treat Halsin, or try to persuade him to stand down. If Halsin's kidnapping is discovered in the sewers, he will burst out of a door and say he was forced to kill many people. He will break down at his guilt. Afterwards, Orin reveals herself and says the party must sharpen their wits to spare Halsin the true blade.

If Minthara is captured, "she" is covered in blood and claims that Isobel or Karlach was trying to kill her. "She" may show a dead body under a cloth, claiming it to be the corpse of Isobel or Karlach, slain in self defense. If neither Karlach or Isobel are available, "she" claims it is Yenna. "Minthara" says no one at camp is trustworthy and they must be slain in their sleep. Whatever the response, she reveals herself to be Orin.

If the victim is Yenna, she is cooking a meat skewer when the party approaches. She tells the party to try it, stating there is something special in it. That turns out to be Grub, the cat, who Orin killed and cooked into the skewers. After this, Orin reveals herself and the true nature of the meat skewers.

Kidnapping in the Sewers[edit | edit source]

If Orin's kidnapping has not been triggered through a long rest, it can also be triggered in the City Sewers. In this case, the event is mostly the same for each person - the kidnapped victim appears grievously injured and begs the party to run away, explaining how they were brutally tortured by Orin. Then, Orin reveals herself and the kidnapping plot.

This event is triggered in two places - in the sewers accessed from the Emperor's hideout, or in the area close to the Undercity Ruins waypoint (X:-141, Y:923).

Orin's Demands[edit | edit source]

After Orin reveals she has a hostage, she states her demands. Gortash bound her blade when the Chosen Three initially came together, making her unable to harm him. For this reason, she needs the party to step in and kill him. After this, she intends to face the party in a battle to the death - the winner takes the Netherstones. As long as the party takes Gortash down, she won't harm her captive.

If the party chooses to pursue Gortash first and manages to complete Get Gortash's Netherstone, Orin sends a bloody letter to camp titled "Congratulations on the Murder of Gortash." She tells the party that they must now face the Murder Tribunal and become an unholy assassin of Bhaal before they can face her. She gives the party a location - Candulhallow's Tombstones and a password - 'Sicarius.'

If the party does not want to face Gortash first, then Investigate the Murders must be completed. Finishing the quest also reveals the location and password for the tribunal.

Finding and Confronting Orin[edit | edit source]

Main article: Get Orin's Netherstone

After the party makes their way to the depths of the Temple of Bhaal, the victim will be found chained to the Altar of Bhaal. If the party begins dialogue with Orin and picks the wrong option or fails a check, Orin will murder the victim. To save the victim, the party must either succeed a check or use information on Orin's mother. Alternatively, they can simply begin combat by attacking (with or without surprise), bypassing the dialogue entirely.

The Altar can be opened using the Altar Key looted from Orin, lockpicked with a DC 25 Sleight of Hand check), or opened with Knock Knock. If freed during combat, the victim joins the fight as a controllable character. Lockpicking before battle will initiate dialogue as if the victim were still restrained.

Quest Rewards[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Despite Orin's threats to murder the victim if the party does not accept her deal, it seems that she will never actually do so before confronting her, regardless of choices or time passed[Needs Verification].