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Krolla is a Goblin Tracker in the Goblin Camp in Act One. She is just left of the stage Volo is preforming on, trying to organize a game of chicken chasing. If certain events have played out across the Wilderness, her "chicken" will instead be the Owlbear Cub.

Well now - you look like a tough'un. But 'ave you got smarts? Skill? Guts?
— Krolla challenging the player to take part in her game.

Act One[edit | edit source]

Krolla manages the chicken chasing game at the camp with the Dishevelled Chicken. If the Owlbear is dead and its cub spared, Krolla alongside some other goblins with have it captive, debating if they should use it for their game. Considering it ate their only chicken, she sees it as a good replacement since it has feathers and a beak. When approached she will invite the player to take part of the game with her setting a few ground rules.

  • The chicken or owlbear must be lead between the posts across the obstacle filled courtyard to win the game
  • Must be done within 10 turns.
  • Must be done alone. If anyone interrupts, you forfeit the game.
  • A wager of 30 or 300 Gold is required to start.

If you agree to play, the owlbear cub will run to X: -125 Y: 441 and Krolla will climb onto a nearby trunk. Once you approach the owlbear in this spot, the game will begin and a timer will appear on the screen for 10 turns. It is recommended go into turn based mode as soon as it starts. This allows you to plan your movements, positioning and use Jump in a timely manner. Make sure to be behind the chicken or owlbear cub so you can guide its direction. You can also interact with the chicken or owlbear cub try and bypass the game:

Dishevelled Chicken

  • Speak with Animals. "I'll help. Just run through the posts and you'll be free." (This will make the cub run to the end of the course and quickly finish the game.)

Owlbear Cub

  • "I'll help. Just run through the posts and you'll be free." (This will make the cub run to the end of the course and quickly finish the game.)
  • DC 10 Animal Handling check. Kneel - you won't hurt it. (This leads into another check.)
    • DC 15 Animal Handling check. Coax the cub towards the goalposts. (This will make the cub run to the end of the course and quickly finish the game.)
  • Speak with Animals DC 15 Persuasion check. "See those posts? Run towards them." (This will make the cub run to the end of the course and quickly finish the game.)

Whatever method you use to win, you'll be rewarded 35 Experience. Krolla will congratulate you, but when asked about your winnings will claim only a goblin can win chicken chasing, refusing to give even your money back. A variety of skill checks can be done to convince her otherwise:

  • DC 15 Intimidation check. "You mistook that for a request. My coin - now."
  • DC 18 Persuasion check. "We're having fun. Why ruin it now?"
  • Illithid Persuasion DC 2 Wisdom check. "You'll be returning my coin - and all of yours." Gives you back your wage, plus 303 gold. Doing so will lock you out of doing the game again with all characters.
  • If you are a Drow. "Goblins know to keep a civil tongue in the Underdark. Granted, most of them are slaves." Doing so will lock your character out of doing the game again.
  • DC 15 Intimidation check DC 2 Barbarians can respond "Rules can be broken. And so can goblin bones". Krolla responds she was only joking and pays up. Keeps the game open to the player.

If you convinced the chicken or owlbear cub to attack the goblins, likely leading to their death, Krolla will blame you and demand to be compensated.

  • "I owe you nothing - I didn't kill it." (Will demand to be paid, forcing you to do a skill check.)
  • DC 10 Intimidation check. "The game's not over. Maybe you can be the next chicken." (This will make her back off and avoid any conflict.)

If you waged 300 gold, win enough times or used your Illithid Powers on her then the game will be closed. If you interact with the owlbear cub and offer it to come to your camp, you can demand to take the cub as well as a prize without issue.

Attacks and abilities[edit | edit source]

Main Hand Attack.webp
Normal weapon damage

Make a melee attack with your equipped weapon.
 Melee: 1.5 m / 5  ft

Gallery[edit | edit source]