Ask the Goblin Priestess for Help

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Priestess Gut may be able to help with the tadpole problem.

Ask the Goblin Priestess for Help is a sub-quest of Act One's main quest, Find a Cure. It can be initiated by speaking with Sazza at the Druid Grove, or inquiring about a healer with various Non-player characters aligned with the Cult of the Absolute.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Find the goblin priestess.
  • We learned that a goblin tribe is led by a priestess with powerful magic. Dealing with goblins is risky, but this might be one way to cure ourselves.
Follow Priestess Gut.
  • We decided to trust Priestess Gut. If we follow her to her chapel, she'll examine the parasite.
Drink Priestess Gut's potion.
  • Now that we have some privacy, Priestess Gut is prepared to assist us. All we need to do is drink a potion.
Quest Complete
  • We were drugged and imprisoned by Priestess Gut. She hopes that we'll turn into mind flayers so she can study us. We need to get out of here - now.
  • Priestess Gut might have been able to help us, but being a goblin proved to be fatal for her. We'll need to find another way to remove the parasite.
  • We've been marked as enemies of the Absolute - there's no way Priestess Gut will help us now.
  • We repelled Priestess Gut's mental probe. Not capable of understanding what ailed us, she told us she couldn't help.
  • We left the area without seeing if the goblin priestess could heal us.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Priestess Gut X: 297 Y: -18 is in front of the giant throne immediately north of the front entrance of the Shattered Sanctum in the Goblin Camp. She offers to brand the party with the Brand of the Absolute, which can be accepted or rejected. Regardless of whether the brand is taken or not, Gut recognizes the party as fellow True Souls. She attempts to probe into the party's minds with her illithid powers. Allow her to do this, and she notices something is amiss. Explain that it's the result of the tadpoles and ask if she can help. Gut says that the party should join her in her private chambers. Blocking her mental probing results in Gut saying she cannot help the party.

Follow her to her chambers, where she says she has a cure for the tadpole. She says that a special cleansing potion must be taken first. However, an Arcana check reveals this is a sleeping potion. If she's called out on this, or if the party member in question is resistant to sleeping potions (ie a drow, elf or half-elf), she becomes hostile and also triggers several nearby goblins to become hostile.

However, if the potion is taken (and works), she chains up the party member and says she intends for them to become her pet squid.

It's possible to break free with either an Acrobatics or a Strength check, but a special scene plays if nothing is done at all. Wait, and Korrilla appears from a portal to assassinate both Gut and her Ogre guard. Then she disappears after a brief conversation, warning the party to be more careful.

Attitudes[edit | edit source]

  • Once you have followed True Soul Gut to her private chambers, you can still refuse her offer and get Shadowheart's approval. If you have a change of mind again, you can still accept the offer to get Karlach's approval and Astarion's disapproval.