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Volo has been captured in the Goblin Camp

Rescue Volo is a quest in the Goblin Camp in Act One of Baldur's Gate 3. It is initiated as soon as you enter the area and engage with Volothamp Geddarm, who has been captured and is forced to perform on a platform.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Rescue Volo.
  • We found Volo performing for the goblins under significant duress. He was led into the camp's interior by a guard - he clearly needs help.
  • Volo is locked in a cage. There must be a way to get him out.
Return to Camp.
  • We freed Volo. He'll meet us back at camp.
Quest Complete
  • Volo has decided to remain in our camp. Having such a learned scholar nearby might be useful.
  • Volo died.
  • We left for Baldur's Gate without rescuing Volo.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Volo can first be encountered in the Sacred Pool area of the Druid GroveX: 260 Y: 511 after the initial raid on the Grove. Volo is speaking with a bear and trying to get information on what happened at the raid. If the party speaks to him, he asks them questions and clearly embellishes what he is told, including adding a Silver Dragon to the battle. Volo explains that he's heard rumours the goblins have abandoned their god Maglubiyet in favour of someone called the "Absolute". He plans to slip into their camp to learn more. With that, he leaves for the Goblin Camp.

Regardless of if the party spoke to Volo or not, he'll appear in the main courtyard of the Goblin Camp, where he's regaling the goblins with a ballad about their king, Dror Ragzlin. If Volo is spoken to, he'll tell them to step back, as he's being held captive by the goblins. His captor, Gribbo notices and asks if he knows the party. Volo freaks out and stumbles while trying to continue the ballad, so Gribbo kicks him off the stage and escorts him back to his cage.

Volo's cage is guarded by Gribbo.

Volo's cage is in the Shattered SanctumX: 333 Y: -8 in a small room north-east of where Priestess Gut is. Gribbo is guarding the cage to her 'pigeon' and won't let the party speak to Volo. Speak to Gribbo and she reveals more about her intentions:

  • So I see. Do you have plans for this 'pigeon'?
  • Does your bird have a name?

Ask her plans for him, to which she says she'll keep him safe from the others and enjoy his songs.

  • Your pet is actually a rather famous writer.
  • I was admiring him. I'd like one of my own.
  • I hate to see such a lovely creature in a cage.

Choose the second option to attempt to bargain with Gribbo:

  • I've taken a shine to this one. How much do you want for him?
  • [ILLITHID][WISDOM] Set him free. (DC 5)
  • [DECEPTION] He looks weak. Sick, even. He won't last long in there (DC 10)
  • [INTIMIDATION] I'm done talking. Open the cage or you'll be sorry. (DC 10)
  • [INTIMIDATION][BARBARIAN] Watch your tongue, or I'll take it. (DC 10)
  • [WISDOM] Read her thoughts. (DC 9)
  • Withholding prisoners? Your boss won't be happy to hear that.

If the party tries to bribe her, she won't take less than 250 gold. Otherwise, persuading or commanding her has her relinquish the key. Gribbo can also be pickpocketed or simply killed to free Volo.

Once Volo is freed, he thanks the party and request to remain at their camp for some time. Then, he drinks of Potion of Invisibility and flees.

Volo at camp[edit | edit source]

Volo performs surgery to remove the tadpole.

Volo arrives at camp immediately after being rescued. He compliments the camp and explains a bit more about what he's been researching - mind flayers, cultists, and the company of the party. Volo can be told that the party encountered mind flayers, to which Volo is incredulous that such creatures would be at the Sword Coast. Explaining that a mind flayer put a tadpole in the party's skull has him again in disbelief. Tell Volo to perform an examination and he believes the party. Ask Volo if he can help and he says he needs time to research, but that he'll do his best to help.

After the next long rest, Volo has a solution. He says the tadpole is behind the orbital socket and an extraction should be simple. He produces a needle from his satchel and nervously prepares to perform surgery. There are six opportunities to stop the surgery. Choosing 'Hold your breath' is the point of no return. After this, Volo uses an ice pick to try to extract the tadpole, and ends up removing an eye instead. Feeling guilty, he replaces the eye with Volo's Ersatz Eye and quickly moves out.

Eventually, Volo leaves with a note, stating he has urgent business in Baldur's Gate.

Meeting Volo in Baldur's Gate[edit | edit source]

Volo is tied to a cart of Firewine Barrels

Once the party arrives in Baldur's Gate, Volo can be found in the Lower City in front of the Steel Watch Foundry. He has been kindapped by a group of Absolutist cultists, who claim that Volo has poisoned the minds of innocent citizens with conspiracies. The party can either stand by and watch as Volo burns, or intervene and question the man's sense of mob justice.

Sticking up for Volo makes the cultists hostile. Volo must be rescued in a limited number of turns, as the culties sets fire to a trail of firewine leading to the explosive barrels. Move a party member to Volo and a help action appears. Once untied, Volo runs away to safety.

Speak to Volo after the battle and he thanks the party profusely for saving him. He returns to camp for the rest of the game.

Quest rewards[edit | edit source]

If Volo's surgery is undertaken:

If Volo is saved a second time in Baldur's Gate:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Choosing to go through with Volo's surgery results in the following companion reaction:
    • Disapproval: Astarion, Karlach, Lae'zel, Shadowheart