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Eight is a Goblin child located on the eastern most side of the Goblin Camp just before the cliff where Brawler Rancer stands watch. Eight wears a leather helmet and is standing over the corpse of a dead adventurer who killed his parents. along with two other Goblin children; Four and Five.

Stupid, dead bastard. Give him a good kicin' - he deserves it!

— Eight cursing at the body of his parents killer.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Act One[edit | edit source]

Eight is venting his anger out on the dead adventurer who had killed his parents. He invites the player to join in kicking the body, being quite friendly if you do so. Despite complaining about being an orphan, he has little care for his dead parents who he sees as weak for dying and even wanting to kill them himself one day.

If a fight breaks out by threatening Four, he will quickly surrender if one of the other kids are killed.