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Proud o' yourself? Beating a drunk man. What a hero.
— Kirz judging the player for besting Crusher.

Tracker Kirz is a Goblin Tracker in the Goblin Camp in Act One. She is hanging around the eastern courtyard, listening to Novice Crusher boasting. As a member of his entourage, she will join on Crusher's side if you choose to fight him.

After the encounter with Crusher, Kirz along with the rest of the crowd will go to an empty table close to the cooking split to enjoy the party. If you bested Crusher, she will complain about you bullying him.

Attacks and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ranged Attack.webp
Ranged Attack Ranged Attack ()   –  Goblin Bow
Normal weapon damage

Make a ranged attack with your equipped weapon.
 Range: 18 m / 60 ft

Retreat safely: moving won't provoke Opportunity Attacks.