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This article is about the race, for the creature see: Phase Spider

Phase spiders are a type of Monstrosity and non-playable race in Baldur's Gate 3.

Phase Spider.jpg
Giant spiders that can phase in and out of the Ethereal Plane, making it seem like they can teleport.
in-game racial description

About phase spiders[edit | edit source]

Phase spiders are arachnid-kin who dwell in the ethereal plane. They can be found in the Whispering Depths, where they have created Web Web surfaces that warn them to intruders. A few ettercaps, infested with crawling spiders, can be found alongside the phase spiders.

Phase spiders are hostile and cannot be spoken to. They have the passives Darkvision Darkvision and Web Walker Web Walker, and the unique racial ability Ethereal Jaunt Ethereal Jaunt.

The matriarch also has the unique ability Matriarch's Call Matriarch's Call, which allows her to hatch the egg clusters full of phase spiderlings around the whispering depths.

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