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Blights are a non-playable race of plant creatures. They are found exclusively in the Shadow-Cursed Lands of Act Two.

A Blight

Overview[edit | edit source]

These awakened plants, gifted with intelligence and mobility, plague lands contaminated with darkness.
— in-game racial description

Blights populate the Shadow-Cursed Lands, blending in with benign vegetation to ambush unsuspecting players. Falling into their ambush inflicts Surprised on the party during combat. Detecting a blight ambush requires passing a passive DC 30 Perception check; once detected, the party can preemptively strike to avoid being surprised. Players can also target these blights without needing to pass the perception check, simply by having foreknowledge of their locations.

Despite being the most prolific plant creatures found in the game, they are resistant to Blight Blight and other sources of necrotic damage.

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