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A bird and the valuables it uses to decorate its nest.

Birds are a race of beast creature. They can be encountered as NPCs, summoned as allies, or even transformed into using special abilities.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Their melodies fill the woods of Toril with a mellow sweetness, and their feathers pain brush strokes on even the dullest sky.
— in-game racial description

Though the party encounters birds with varied personalities, are share low intelligences and the ability to fly. NPC birds can be talked to using Speak with Animals Speak with Animals. Birds are close cousins of giant eagles.

Transmutation wizards can transform into a bird using the Shapechanger ability, as can Circle of the Moon druids with Wild Shape: Dire Raven, or any character wearing the Corvid Token.

Bird characters[edit | edit source]

Summonable birds[edit | edit source]