Bitey Buddy

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Bitey Buddy is the Blink dog companion of Dribbles the Clown, found at the Circus of the Last Days in Rivington during Act 3.

The flickering, unpredictable magic of the faerie realm courses through the blink dog- allowing it to flit in and out of this plane to avoid harm
— in-game racial description

Involvement[edit | edit source]

'Bitey Buddy' can first be encountered at the Circus of the Last Days during Dribbles' performance, standing next to the clown. During the cutscene, Dribbles and his dog suddenly attack, along with a group of doppelgangers.

Attacks and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Bite Wolf.webp
Bite Bite ()
D6 Piercing.png 2d6 (2~12) Damage TypesPiercing damage

Bite a target.
 Melee: 1.5 m / 5  ft
Blink Teleport.webp
Blink Blink ()

Teleport up to 12m/40ft and Ambush your next target.
 Range: 12 m / 40 ft
Inciting Howl.webp

Unleash a bellowing roar that can Menace Menace nearby foes.
CON Save
AoE: 10 m / 33 ft (Radius)

Quests[edit | edit source]