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Level 3












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Creature Race Icon.png  Race Harpy
Creature Type Icon.png  Type Monstrosity
HP Icon.png  HP 24
Creature AC Icon.png  AC 13
Creature Speed Icon.png  Movement Speed 32m / 107ft
Creature Size Icon.png  Size Medium
Weight Icon.png  Weight 50kg / 100lbs
Proficiency Icon.png  Proficiency Bonus +2
Initiative Icon.png  Initiative +2
Passive features

Multiattack - Lured Attack of Opportunity

Character information
Location Secluded Cove
Experience on kill 20

Harpies are a type of monstrosity creature in located north of the Emerald Grove in the Secluded Cove. The small group of harpies will be singing their alluring song , which have already lured in the young Tiefling, Mirkon.

Attacks and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Claws[edit | edit source]


Attack Roll: +3

D6 Slashing.png 2d6 + 1 (3~13) Damage Types Slashing

Multiattack - Lured[edit | edit source]


Attack Roll: +3

D6 Slashing.png 2d6 + 1 (3~13) Damage Types Slashing
D6 Slashing.png 2d6 + 1 (3~13) Damage Types Slashing
  • Can only be done on a target suffering from the Lured condition.

Sharp Rock[edit | edit source]

Throw a sizable, rugged stone.


Attack Roll: +3

D4 Bludgeoning.png 2d4 + 1 (3~9) Damage Types Bludgeoning

Range: 18 m / 60 ft

Luring Song[edit | edit source]

Charm nearby creatures with a magical melody to Lure them to you. Action

Range: 25 m / 82 ft


Recharge: Per Combat

  • The harpy singing can not take any other actions or move while using this ability.
  • On the turn of a affected character, they will make a DC 13  Wisdom Save to break free of the trance, gaining the Resisted the Song condition for the Duration: 2 turns, making them immune to the Luring Song.

Fly[edit | edit source]

 3 m / 10 ft Movement

Fly movement at a Range: 16 m / 60 ft.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

The truly difficult part in fighting the harpies is a combination of the terrain and their Luring Song ability. One harpy will always hang back to preform the song, forcing your party to constantly try resisting the alluring singing which will waste their turn and leave them open for attack by the other harpies. With much of the cove considered Difficult Terrain, any attempts to approach them will also be greatly slowed. Their fly ability makes it easy for them to ignore distance and terrain, with them focusing on those who are being Lured so they can multiattack them.

It is best to use ranged attacks and spell on the singing harpy to try breaking her Concentration in singing. With that freedom given, it is wise to fight back aggressively before another harpy begins singing again.

Buffing the Party with Bless before talking with Mirkon to trigger the fight will give you a better chance to resist the song. Likewise, using Gnome, Elf or Half-Elf characters who have Advantage on the saves helps a lot. Utilising the High Ground to the left and right of where Mirkon starts can be important for some party setups.