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Magma Mephit Model.png

Mephits are a non-playable race and elemental creature in Baldur's Gate 3.

About mephits[edit | edit source]

Capricious, vulgar, and rarely endearing - except to their masters. Mephits are curious, impish creatures from the Elemental Planes.
— in-game racial description

Ancient mud and ice mephits can be summoned using the spells Conjure Minor Elemental: Mud Mephits Conjure Minor Elemental: Mud Mephits and Conjure Minor Elemental: Ice Mephits Conjure Minor Elemental: Ice Mephits respectively.

Mephits have the ability Death Burst, which allows them to deal explosive damage in an area upon death.

Mephit Characters[edit | edit source]

Mephit enemy variants[edit | edit source]

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