Winged Horror

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For the Animate Dead summon see Flying Ghoul.

Winged Horror is an undead creature and unique type of Ghoul which can fly. They can be encountered at the Last Light Inn, Mind Flayer Colony and in The High Hall.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Though most are naturally hostile, a group of three neutral winged horrors can be encountered along the upper ramparts of Moonrise Towers, at X: -173 Y: -205. These particular flying ghouls lament their hunger, remarking that dead bodies have been poured into the tunnels below the tower rather than being fed to them, as they were promised.

The player can pacify them with a Persuasion or Intimidation ability check (DC: 16), use Illithid Persuasion to convince the ghouls to eat one another, or attack them outright.

Attacks and abilities[edit | edit source]

Generic Physical.webp

Claws Claws

ActionAttack roll: +5
D6 Slashing.png 3d6 + 3 (6~21) Damage Types Slashing damage

Constitution saving throw or become Paralysed Paralysed for Duration: 2 turns.

Elves and Undead are immune to the Paralysing effect.


Fly Fly

 3 m / 10 ft movement
Fly using movement at a
Range: 16 m / 60 ft.

Generic Threat.webp

Calling for Help Calling for Help

The winged horror calls for backup, drawing allied creatures into the battle.

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