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Kith'rak Therezzyn is a Githyanki NPC, and the Commander of Crèche Y'llek. She can be found in the Captain's Quarters at Crèche Y'llek. X: 1409 Y: -765

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Therezzyn, despite being the ranking officer at her crèche, lacks the confidence of her office when first encountered. The presence of Inquisitor W'wargaz in the crèche puts immense pressure on her to find the mysterious weapon that Vlaakith is chasing.

Therezzyn stews in the Captain's Quarters. She carries the Gith Shard that unlocks the way to the Inquisitor's Chamber, making dealing with her an eventuality for completing the crèche and its associated quests.

The player can offer to show the artefact to the Kith’rak or hide its presence through a Deception check. Attempting to conceal the artefact, however, is only a delaying tactic, as she will simply tell you to return once you've retrieved the weapon. If you reveal the artefact, Therezzyn will open the barrier to the Inquisitor's Chamber willingly. If you don't, you will be forced to claim the shard off her corpse.

Attacks and abilities[edit | edit source]

Therezzyn behaves like a gish, or githyanki battlemage, equally adept at spellcasting and swinging a giant sword. Unlike other Gish, she wields the Soulbreaker Greatsword instead of aGithyanki Longsword, and has higher Intelligence.

Related quests[edit | edit source]

Notable loot[edit | edit source]