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See also the weapon, The Blood of Lathander.
The Blood of Lathander is the Morninglord's legendary weapon.

Find the Blood of Lathander is a quest in Act One of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started at the Rosymorn Monastery.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Explore Rosymorn Monastery.
  • We learned that a powerful holy relic, the Blood of Lathander, could be somewhere nearby. We should keep an eye out for it as we explore the monastery.
  • We learned from a dead pilgrim that a powerful holy relic, the Blood of Lathander, could be somewhere nearby. We should keep an eye out for it as we explore the Monastery.
  • We found a note from a Lathander worshipper about a precious relic called 'The Blood' hidden somewhere in Rosymorn Monastery. Perhaps we can find it in our exploration.
Find the true Blood of Lathander.
  • A fake artefact in Rosymorn Monastery was disguised as the Blood of Lathander - we should keep looking for the true relic.
Explore the Secret Chamber.
  • We moved some ancient Lathanderian statues and a secret passageway opened - we should see what lies within.
Find a purpose for the Dawnmaster's Crest.
  • We found an oddly shaped crest that belonged to a high priest of Lathander. Perhaps it can help us find the Blood of Lathander?
Get past the Secret Chamber's Lathanderian traps.
  • Very elaborate traps block our path down this passageway - whatever sits at the end must be worth protecting.
Retrieve the relic.
  • We bested the Secret Chamber's traps - we should see what they were guarding.
Escape the exploding Rosymorn Monastery.
  • We took the Blood of Lathander and sprung a trap that will destroy the Monastery, Crèche Y'llek underneath it, and us if we don't stop it or escape.
Quest Compete
  • We disarmed the Monastery's powerful trap, saving Crèche Y'llek and ourselves - and escaped with the Blood of Lathander.
  • We escaped the Monastery's powerful trap with the Blood of Lathander in tow - but Crèche Y'llek was destroyed in the process.
  • We used the Dawnmaster's Crest to safely retrieve the Blood of Lathander - Morninglord be praised.
  • We left the Blood of Lathander somewhere deep within Rosymorn Monastery.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Accessing the monastery[edit | edit source]

The broken door to the Monastery leads the way in.

The Rosymorn Monastery is accessed from the Mountain Pass. Find the Cable Car Wheel X: -47 Y: -74 and succeed in a Strength check (DC 15) to summon the cable car. Climb on the cable car and use the wheel to move towards the Monastery. Follow the path east until a cutscene triggers where a group of githyanki warriors shoot down some cultists. Unfortunately, the Rosymorn Monastery Doors are locked and magically enchanted, but there are broken windows that can be climbed through (X:64, Y:31) just west of the doors. Once inside, there are a number of drunk Kobolds who must be dealt with to continue - one of which holds an item that starts this quest.

The Dawnmaster's Crest[edit | edit source]

One way to acquire the Blood of Lathander is to acquire the Dawnmaster's Crest. To do this, the party can acquire three weapons: a mace, a warhammer, and a battleaxe. The party can find ceremonial versions of all three items, but also simply use generic versions of the weapons (i.e. a Battleaxe) can be used. The type of weapon is the only thing that matters for them to be accepted for the puzzle. Completing the puzzle bestows the beneficial effect Morninglord's Radiance upon all members the party. Alternatively, passing a passive DC 10 Perception check reveals the hidden chamber containing the crest, and a DC 30 Sleight of Hand check can unlock it, bypassing the puzzle and the beneficial effect Morninglord's Radiance entirely.

Ceremonial Mace[edit | edit source]

The Ceremonial Mace is held by one of the Kobold Looters on the ground floor X: 40 Y: 28. Loot the mace from its body. An alternative Mace can be found to the southeast on the upper floor, by accessing the gravesite of Dawnmaster Stockhold X: 127 Y: -5.

Ceremonial Battleaxe[edit | edit source]

The crack in the wall to the Battleaxe.

From the Kobold room, move north to the giant crack in the wall. From here, jump up the rocks to get higher up on the Monastery. Once at the top of the rocks, jump across to the Monastery's roof. Move south-east to find an enchanted door X: 95 Y: 46. The door can be lockpicked (DC 15) and the barricades jumped over. Otherwise, the wall to the south can be destroyed with force or bludgeoning damage X: 106 Y: 38. Once inside, there is a Guardian of Faith. On the ground below it is the Ceremonial Battleaxe. Picking it up causes the Guardian to attack.

Ceremonial Warhammer[edit | edit source]

The eagle's nest has the warhammer

The Ceremonial Warhammer is on the topmost floor of the Monastery, in the centre of a Giant Eagle's nest. There are two sets of Knotted Roots that can be climbed - one to the north X: 54 Y: 55 and one to the west X: 89 Y: 41.

Once the party arrives on the roof, an eagle warns them off, requiring either a DC 18 Animal Handling check or a Persuasion check (with Speak with Animals active). If the party succeeds, the Ancient Giant Eagle and Giant Eagle remain neutral, although they attack if the party moves too close to the nest. With the help of Fog Cloud or Darkness and Invisibility, the party can sneak and grab the warhammer while the eagles are unaware. Alternatively, the party can kill the giant eagles and pick up the warhammer after they are dead.

Placing the weapons[edit | edit source]

On the same floor as the Guardian of Faith, there is a room with a giant stained-glass window X: 74 Y: 68. Examining the window indicates which Dawnmaster uses what weapon, although one of the panels is too shattered to read.

An optional hint is available down the hall; northeast, there are a set of two doors X: 54 Y: 41 where crying can be heard. Opening the door, nine gremishka attack. Once they are defeated, move to the southwest corner of the room. Lockpick the gated area to find a book The Parables of Dawnmaster Vaseid on Dawnmaster Vaseid, wielding a battleaxe.

There are four stone tables with plaques that list the names of Dawnmasters. One of them is already complete, with a Ceremonial Longsword. Drag the weapons to the correct tables:

Dawnmaster Seed Warhammer
Dawnmaster Stockhold Mace
Dawnmaster Vaseid Battleaxe

Once the weapons are placed on the correct table, a secret section of the wall opens up with a pouch that contains the Dawnmaster Crest. Completing the puzzle bestows the beneficial effect Morninglord's Radiance upon all members the party.

The Githyanki Crèche[edit | edit source]

The correct orientation for the statues.
Overview of puzzle.
Climb the rocks to get to the next area.
The second Energy Source.

From the stained glass room, move South up the hall, then jump across the gap to the East, where the enchanted door was. Move South, then East to find a set of crumbling stairs. Jump past the gaps to follow the stairs down. Once the stairs have been descended, move north and a barricade is on the western wall. Destroy it and walk through. Move north through the oak door, then keep moving west past the statue of Lathander. (Note: There is a lever on the wall X: 78 Y: 49 that opens the monastery doors, which can make re-entering the monastery easier)

After moving west, follow the stairs to north to reach the Monastery Basement X: 74 Y: 80 where Crèche Y'llek resides. The githyanki are suspicious to outsiders - Lae'zel can smooth the way without any checks if she's in the party, or the party can gain access by persuading, intimidating, or deceiving the guards.

Enter the Captain's Chambers, where the Kith'rak of the creche is arguing with an Inquisitor. The way forward is blocked by a shield generated by the Githyanki Barrier Disruptor X: 1390 Y: -757. A Gith Shard is needed to open the way, which is on the person of Kith'rak Therezzyn. Steal it, or fight the Kith'rak to gain the shard. Inquisitor Ch'r'ai recognises the party and tells them to enter, opening the way.

WARNING: Speaking to the Inquisitor makes the entire crèche hostile, and Steal a Githyanki Egg will be unable to be completed peacefully.

Move into the Inquisitor's Chambers, where the Inquisitor, Ch'r'ai W'wargaz is waiting to speak to the party. For the purposes of this quest, it is possible to ignore him to avoid making the crèche hostile and move straight on to the western hallway X: 1330 Y: -660. There are two statues here that must be rotated - the one to the south requires an Athletics check to move and must be turned to the west, while the other must be turned to the east. If the Athletics check was failed, the statue can be covered in Grease or be attacked instead. A path opens in the wall, with some barrels that can be jumped over, moved aside, or destroyed. Proceed west to the Secret Stairway. Use ranged attacks to destroy the Energy Source crystal on the south side of the barrier.

In the next room is a Dawnbreaker that shoots out pulses to knock the party away. Wait for breaks in the pulses to run up to it and disarm it (DC 14). Unfortunately, the path forward is still blocked. Move to some rocks and climb them, then follow the path around to find another energy source X: 1118 Y: -790. The final energy is on the rocks to the north. Avoid the pulses of the Dawnbreaker and consider disarming it to easily destroy the Energy Source.

Moving forward, the party finally encounters the Blood of Lathander. From here, there are several outcomes.

Using the Dawnmaster's Crest[edit | edit source]

If the Dawnmaster's Crest was obtained, simply place it in the altar's item slot to safely take the Blood of Lathander. Placing the crest after taking the mace also deactivates the trap.

Taking the Mace by Force[edit | edit source]

If the Blood of Lathander is taken without the Dawnmaster's Crest, it activates a deadly trap that risks the destruction of the entire Monastery. The party has only four turns to either escape the Monastery or destroy the four Lathander Solar Machines that activate the trap. Whichever party member grabbed the mace is trapped behind a forcefield and cannot act until they've escaped (Misty Step or Dimension Door work here). Alternatively, the party can destroy the energy source X: 1063 Y: -788 below the platform that is powering the forcefield. If the Solar Machines are destroyed the creche will still be intact, otherwise the creche will destroyed by the blast. Some companions who get stuck in the blast have unique dialogue afterwards.

Quest rewards[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

A-Taking Blood.jpg

Taking Blood
Steal the Blood of Lathander from underneath Rosymorn Monastery.

Notes[edit | edit source]