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Locke is a Tiefling NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. He and his wife, Komira, can be found at the Emerald Grove close to the entrance to the Sacred Pool, arguing with the Druids and accusing them of taking their daughter Arabella hostage.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Act One[edit | edit source]

One of the Druids will transform into a bear and scare the tieflings off. If the party talks to either him or his wife, they will give them the Save Arabella quest.

If bringing Arabella safe and sound, Locke and Komira will scold her, and thank the party by giving them Komira's Locket.

If Arabella dies, Locke and his wife will poison Kagha at the celebration, should both of them and Kagha survive until then. The party can either stop them from murdering the Druid or not.

If travelling to Mountain Pass or Shadow-Cursed Lands before resolving Kagha's Rite of Thorns, the tieflings will be expelled from the Emerald Grove and Locke's corpse can be found among the bodies of all the other refugees near the bridge to the Blighted Village.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Locke's daughter Arabella can be found in Reithwin Town. She will ask the party to Find Arabella's Parents.

Arabella's parents, Locke and Komira, can be found in the children's ward X: -185 Y: 12 of the House of HealingX: -199 Y: -16, in the eastern wing. There, their bodies are tended to by Sister Lidwin. If the party talks to Sister Lidwin, she does not understand that they are dead. She thinks she can still save them and is messing with Locke's body. With a Deception or a Sleight of Hand check, she can be convinced that her "patients" are cured.

Locke's corpse can be spoken to with Speak with Dead. He confirms that Komira is his wife and Arabella is his daughter. If asked how he died, he explains that he and his wife ran to the House of Healing after the ambush on the refugees, believing it to be abandoned. They were attacked by the surgeon sisters. He doesn't know where Zevlor is. Komira cannot be spoken to, as her corpse refuses to speak.

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