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Type Side character / Boss
Race High Elf
Class Druid

Kagha is a High Elf Druid who is a temporary Archdruid of the Emerald Grove while Halsin is missing. She is a potential Boss who seems to antagonize Zevlor during Save the Refugees quest.

Act 1[edit | edit source]

Spoiler warning: The following content may contain story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Zevlor requests the player's aid on dealing with the acting Archdruid of the Grove, Kagha. He says that she, alongside the other Druids, is preparing a ritual to seal off the Grove from the rest of the world, leaving the tiefling refugees in danger.

The player later finds Kagha reprimanding a tiefling child named Arabella for attempting to steal the Idol of Silvanus. The player and Rath, another druid, can intervene to save the child, which will result in completing the Save Arabella quest. Should the player fail to persuade Kagha or decide to not inervene, she'll order her snake Teela to attack Arabella.

Regardless of that, she'll commend the player for their actions at the gate, and will recommend to aid Zevlor in defeating the goblin leaders to make his people leave.

If the players searches the sanctum, they can find Kagha's chest. Lockpicking it will reveal a letter that will advance the player in the Investigate Kagha quest and guide them to the Putrid Bog. There, after a fight with Quasit Mud Elementals, the player will find out Kagha is secretly planning to hand over the Grove to the Shadow Druids of the Cloakwood.

If the player returns and confront Kagha about this, the Shadow Druids will reveal themselves and ask Kagha to attack the player and everyone else inside. The player can help Kagha see her wrongs, and make her join Grove's druids side instead.

Should Kagha survive the ordeal, she'll be extremely apologetic and show some remorse for her actions. She'll thank the player and reward them with her amulet, Broodmother's Revenge, and proceed to let the tieflings stay at the Grove for as long as they need.

When Halsin later arrives, Kagha will show less aggression during her demotion than she would've if the player hadn't completed the Shadow Druids quest.

Boss Stats[edit | edit source]

At the Emerald Grove[edit | edit source]

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