Investigate the Beach

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The beach holds a sinister secret.

Investigate the Beach is a quest in Act One of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by approaching the Secluded Cove at the North-Eastern region of the Druid Grove.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Investigate the music.
  • We heard strange music on the beach. Where is it coming from?
Help the child.
  • We discovered a tiefling child in a strange trance.
Speak with the child.
  • We rescued the child from the harpies. He is alive and well.
Find Doni.
  • The child said we should pay a visit to Mol. We should tell a child named Doni that we want to see the 'Dragon's Lair'.
Find Mol.
  • Doni revealed a hatch and opened it for us - the 'Dragon's Lair' must be below.
  • Doni won't be able to show us how to get into the 'Dragon's Lair'. We'll need to find a way to Mol ourselves.
  • Doni disappeared somewhere. We'll need to find another way to get to Mol - or maybe Doni will be back eventually?
  • We know where Mol is hiding. Time to pay her a visit.
Quest Complete
  • We found Mol. She was more than happy to meet us since we rescued one of her people.
  • Safe from the harpies, the child left the area.
  • The tiefling child died.
  • We weren't able to investigate the beach.
  • We heard strange music on the beach, but didn't investigate further.
  • We left the region without discovering what happened to the child.
  • We won't be having any conversations with Mol any time soon.
  • The situation has changed in the grove. Mol is busy dealing with other matters.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Secluded Cove is north-east of the druidic ritual circle in the Emerald Grove area of the Druid Grove. Strange singing is heard on approach (X:271, Y:523). Near the water, a child, Mirkon, is enchanted by the singing (X:327, Y:549). The party can either tell Mirkon to get back to shore or try to focus on the singing. If the latter is chosen, a successful Nature check (DC 10) reveals that the singing is a Harpies' song. If the check fails, the party can also use a Wisdom check (DC 5) to resist against the song's pull (Bards have the option to make a Performance check instead (DC 5). They can continue the song for another Performance check (DC 10), which results in the lead harpy continuing to sing for each round of combat while the entire party resists it). In this instance, Mirkon can be warned to stay away.

After this, a group of Harpies fly down, ready for their next meal. They attack and are able to enchant party members with their song. Once the Harpies are defeated, speak to Mirkon and they thank the party for the help. Before running off, Mirkon says to tell Doni to let them into the "Dragon's Den" so that Mol, the leader of the tiefling children, can properly thank them for their help.

The tiefling child will die if the party long rests after triggering the quest. Additionally, resolving Save the Refugees - either with the Rite of Thorns completed or the goblin attack evaded, leads to the child dying.

Quest Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Entrance into the "Dragon's Lair" - the Tiefling children's hideout

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The quest is triggered when crossing X:299 Y:542.
  • Helping Mirkon is an easy way to gain favor with Mol, and start the Steal the Sacred Idol quest.
  • Although he has no notable possessions, pickpocketing Mirkon while he is entranced will grant Inspiration for characters with the Criminal background.
  • Long rests will not fail the quest after discovery.
  • Killing the three goblin leaders before completing this quest will result in its failure.
  • The Bard's ability to use Performance against the Harpies is a reference to the Bard's ability in past editions called "Counter Song".