Rescue the Tieflings

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The remaining tieflings have been imprisoned in Moonrise Towers.

Rescue the Tieflings is a quest in Act Two of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with the tieflings at the Last Light Inn.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Find out where the tieflings are being held in Moonrise Towers.
  • We learned from Alfira that some of the tieflings were taken to Moonrise Towers. She's asked us to save them.
  • We learned from Cerys that some of the other tieflings were taken to Moonrise Towers. We should investigate.
  • Rolan's brother and sister were kidnapped by cultists, along with some of the other tieflings. They're likely being held at Moonrise Towers. We should investigate.
  • We learned from Alfira that some of the other tieflings were taken to Moonrise Towers. We should investigate.
  • Bex's lover was one of the tieflings taken by cultists. She's lost without him.
  • Rolan's brother and sister were among the tiefling kidnapped by the cultists. He hasn't taken it well.
  • We ran into Alfira. Upset, she told us what happened in the darkness. She asked us to save her friends.
  • We learned from Bex that some of the tieflings, including her lover Danis, were taken to Moonrise Towers. We should investigate.
Break the tieflings out of captivity.
  • We met some tieflings from the Emerald Grove in the cells of Moonrise. Without us, they won't make it out alive.
  • We found the captured tieflings. They won't last long in Moonrise Towers. We should find a way to help them escape.
Speak to the gnomes.
  • The gnomes have a plan to break out of the prison. We should speak to them.
Protect the gnomes.
  • The gnomes plan to free the captured tieflings. We should watch their backs.
  • The gnomes are on their way to free the tiefling captives. We need to protect them.
Assist the tieflings' escape through the tunnels.
  • The tieflings are making their escape through the tunnels behind their cell. It will be dangerous without our help.
Assist the tieflings' escape through prison.
  • The boat departed before everyone could board. Those left behind ran to find some other way out.
  • The tieflings are making their escape through the prison. It will be dangerous without our help.
Find the tieflings' safe harbour.
  • The tieflings escaped by boat. We should look for them - they must have landed somewhere.
  • We couldn't save all the tieflings, but some managed to escape using a boat. We should look for them - they must have landed somewhere.
  • The tieflings were all able to escape Moonrise Towers on foot. We should look for them - they must have found somewhere in the darkness to hide.
  • We couldn't save all the tieflings, but some were able to escape Moonrise Towers on foot. We should look for them - they must have found somewhere in the darkness to hide.
Meet the tieflings in Last Light.
  • The tieflings escaped using a boat found in the tunnels of Moonrise Towers. We should meet them back in Last Light.
  • We couldn't save all the tieflings, but some managed to escape using a boat. We should reunite with the survivors back in Last Light.
  • All the tieflings escaped Moonrise Towers. We should meet them back in Last Light.
  • We couldn't save all the tieflings. The few who survived fled on foot. We should meet them back in Last Light.
Speak to the tieflings.
  • The tieflings arrived safely in Last Light. We should speak to them.
  • We found Last Light - a sanctuary in the shadow-cursed lands. Maybe the tieflings are here.
  • Alfira thanked us for rescuing her friends from Moonrise Towers.
  • Alfira was devastated to learn what happened in Moonrise Towers, but thanked us for doing what we could to save her friends.
  • Rolan thanked us for saving his family.
  • Bex thanked us for reuniting her with her lover, Danis.
  • Rolan departed Last Light to look for his siblings. Per his message, they'll wait for his return, but they're worried.
  • Rolan thanked us for reuniting him with his surviving family. They can now mourn their lost sibling together.
  • Rolan's reunion with his sibling didn't go as expected, and they separated on bad terms.
Quest Complete
  • We failed to rescue the tieflings from Moonrise Towers.
  • The tieflings all escaped from Moonrise Towers.
  • We couldn't save all the tieflings, but some were able to escape Moonrise Towers.
  • We didn't save the tieflings. It is doubtful that they survived Moonrise Towers.
  • We never found the tieflings in Moonrise Towers.
  • The tieflings were brought together again in Last Light before it was razed to the ground.
  • We couldn't save all the tieflings, but those who survived managed to escape using a boat found in the tunnels of Moonrise Towers.
  • The tieflings escaped using a boat found in the tunnels of Moonrise Towers.
  • The tieflings are finally safe from the horrors of Moonrise Towers.
  • The tieflings are safe, but Rolan is nowhere to be found at Last Light Inn. His family is worried.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This quest appears only for those who completed Save the Refugees with the tiefling refugees and the Druid Grove protected. Within the Last Light Inn, Cerys explains that their caravan was ambushed by cultists who killed many of the refugees and kidnapped some others, while only a few were able to escape to Last Light. She explains that while this happened, Zevlor froze and betrayed them, saying they should all surrender. Speaking to Alfira reveals that Lakrissa was captured, Rolan reveals that Lia and Cal were lost, and Bex reveals Danis was captured.

Finding the Tieflings[edit | edit source]

Map of Moonrise Towers Prison.

To find the tieflings' location, the party must go downstairs into the Moonrise Towers Prison at X: -173 Y: -194. The entrance to the prison is east of the audience chamber, or it can be accessed outside by the docks. From the stairs entrance to the prison, go west and there is a hallway with prison cells. Move northwest and the tieflings are in the second cell to the right.

If the party attempts to speak to the tieflings, they are initially confronted by a guard, who says that no one is allowed to talk to the prisoners, who are property of Balthazar. The party has three options to respond with:

  • DC 14 Deception check - I have permission from Balthazar. Ask him.
  • DC 14 Persuasion check - What are the prisoners going to do? Talk me to death? (DC 14)
  • My apologies- won't happen again.

Additionally, if the party slips into the cells by Misty Step, Gaseous Form, or other means, the guards don't confront the party.

Speak with Lia, who explains that the gnomes have some kind of plan, but she doesn't know the details. They're two cells down from the tieflings.

Wulbren, the gnome leader, is initially suspicious of the party and why someone who walks around the prison like they own the place would want to help him. If Barcus was saved in Rescue the Gnome and subsequently rescued with the Grymforge gnomes, the party has the option to say Barcus sent them. Wulbren is persuaded without any checks needed. Otherwise, Wulbren can be persuaded by saying that they know the tieflings in the prison (DC 10), that the Absolute has no control over them (DC 6), or that they're a Flaming Fist secret agent (Deception DC 6).

Fleeing the Towers[edit | edit source]

Leaving by Boat[edit | edit source]

Wulbren's Hammer is above the Warden's office.

The party can choose to follow Wulbren's plan to escape, which involves giving him an object that can smash rocks. This can be any item that causes bludgeoning damage, such as a generic Mace. Wulbren's Hammer X: 574 Y: -646 can be found by climbing up the iron ladder in The Warden's office. This area is guarded by a scrying eye and is considered trespassing, so the party has to either sneak or deceive/bribe their way out of being sent to jail. If the party gets Wulbren's hammer specifically, he's extremely grateful, as he had assumed he'd never see it again.

Once a bludgeoning weapon has been acquired, go back to Wulbren and talk to him. This initiates a trade screen where the item can be "donated" to Wulbren. Agree to the trade and either tell Wulbren to start or tell him to wait until the party is ready. If a long rest or fast travel occurs at this point, the gnomes begin the escape without the party. If the party is simply standing around when Wulbren breaks the wall, the guards become hostile and combat starts.

The rocky ledge that leads to the back area of the cells.

One strategy to avoid combat is to climb up (or Misty Step/Fly/etc to) the rocky ledge to the west of the cells. Climbing the ledge leads to the back area of the cells, for both the gnomes X: 568 Y: -612 and the tieflings X: 600 Y: -617. Have two characters who can break the walls down with Force damage and one who can cast Darkness. Split the party up so that two characters are by the boat X: 575 Y: -576 and ready to attack the brittle chains, one is by the tiefling wall, and one is by the gnome wall. Attack both walls until they're nearly destroyed. Attack the gnome's wall and when Wulbren yells "RUN!" walk into the cell and cast Darkness. Then run to the boat to aid the characters breaking the chains while the character at the tiefling wall breaks it down and runs to the boat as well. When all the prisoners are at the boat, speak to Wulbren and accompany him to his next destination.

The party can suggest going to Last Light Inn if they've already been there. If the party has not, then selecting "I don't - but I'll join you on the boat. We'll see where we end up." sends the prisoners to the Last Light and the party gets a scene similar to what they'd get from entering Last Light for the first time.

Leaving by Foot[edit | edit source]

The prisoners can be forced to abandon Wulbren's plan and go through the Towers on foot by using a lever in the Warden's office. There are multiple levers behind the warden and each one opens the door to a specific cell, and the large lever on the floor starts an alarm and opens all of them. If the levers are used, the prisoners flee and combat starts, forcing the party to fight their way through or let the prisoners die. Fight all of the enemies, then follow the prisoners to the docks, where another fight breaks out. After this battle, the prisoners move to the north and towards the Toll House, disappearing. They safely reappear at Last Light.

Cleaning Out the Prison[edit | edit source]

As always, the party can resort to murder. If the prison guards are murdered, the rest of the Tower does not become hostile (as long as you don't leave any witnesses). As such, the party can safely clear out the prison before dealing with the prisoners to safely ensure everyone survives the escape. An easy way to do this is to murder the Warden in her office, then wait. Enemies patrolling nearby will intermittently walk in and can be slowly picked off. Once they're all dead and the Scrying Eyes killed, give Wulbren his hammer and the prisoners can safely escape without a worry of enemies.

It's possible for the tieflings and gnomes to become separated; if the tieflings take more than three turns to arrive at the boat after Wulbren has already hammered it free, then the gnomes will depart without them. The tieflings will attempt to leave out the side door of the prison, a long and treacherous path that also includes Absolutist zealots and adepts stationed on the outside perimeter of the towers.

Returning to Last Light[edit | edit source]

Once the prisoners have escaped, either go with them to Last Light Inn or fast travel there. In the middle of the inn, speak with Alfira and Cerys (if she survived); if enough tieflings survived, then you will be rewarded with Potent Robe. Further behind the bar you can find the reunited Lia, Cal, and Rolan. Finally, beneath the bridge leading north of the inn, down the steps behind the ox stables, you can find Bex and Danis. Once you have spoken to all three of these groups (assuming they survived), this quest will end.

Time Limit[edit | edit source]

While this quest is not limited by long rests, it is worth noting there is a story limitation on the quest. If Find Ketheric Thorm's Relic is completed, then once the party returns from the Shadowfell, this quest automatically ends. When this happens, the quest says that the other prisoners were never found.

The rewards must be collected before leaving Act Two. Even if the tieflings were rescued, they do not grant their rewards when encountered in Baldur's Gate.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 250 experience
  • Potent Robe Potent Robe from Alfira if a sufficient quantity of captured tieflings are rescued.
    • If only one tiefling survives, approximate Gold Pile Single Item Image.png 250 gp is rewarded instead.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As of Hotfix 6, taking the prisoners through Moonrise Towers has a number of odd glitches. Once the prisoners exit the prison to the docks, if any of the prisoners are left in the prison before the party moves to the docks, even if the prison has been cleared of enemies, then they remain in the prison and cannot be moved or talked to. If the party fast travels or long rests, then they show up as dead.[Needs Verification]