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Zevlor has been captured by the Absolutists.

Find Zevlor is a Quest in Act Two of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with the tieflings at the Last Light Inn.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending story decisions and outcomes.

Find Zevlor.
  • Zevlor was captured by the cult of the Absolute. His fellow tieflings claim he froze and tried to surrender. We should look for him.
  • The tieflings were captured and brought to Moonrise Towers, but Zevlor isn't with them. His fellow tieflings are angry with him - claiming he wanted to surrender. Some even think he was secretly a cultist.
  • Something happened with Zevlor and the tieflings out in the darkness - something bad. And it sounds like the tieflings blame him for it. We should find out more.
  • We found the tieflings, but Zevlor isn't with them. They claim he wanted to surrender to the cult. Some even think he was secretly a cultist. We should look for him.
  • Arabella's father claims that Zevlor betrayed the tieflings, and tried to run.
  • The tieflings were ambushed by the cultists out in the darkness. Zevlor urged them to surrender, and in the confusion the cultists attacked - kidnapping several of the tieflings.
Free Zevlor.
  • We found Zevlor trapped in a pod - the same type we awoke in on the nautiloid. He will likely die without our help.
Help Zevlor.
  • We opened the pods - releasing a host of mind flayers. We're in for a fight.
Quest Complete
  • We purged the mind flayer pods in the colony. Zevlor was in one of them - he must have perished.
  • We never found Zevlor.
  • We couldn't save Zevlor from his fate.
  • We saved Zevlor, who explained that he let the Absolute infiltrate his mind. It's unlikely the tieflings will welcome him back - he'll have to forge his own path now.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This quest appears only for those who completed Save the Refugees Save the Refugees with the tiefling refugees and the Druid Grove protected.

Speaking with the Tieflings[edit | edit source]

The party learns about the fate of the refugees by speaking to the survivors at Last Light Inn or by using Speak with Dead Speak with Dead on the corpse of Locke Locke in the House of Healing. Locke's corpse claims that Zevlor Zevlor betrayed the tieflings and they had to run away. Speaking with Arabella Arabella as part of Find Arabella's Parents Find Arabella's Parents can elaborate on this a little more.

Finding Zevlor[edit | edit source]

Zevlor cannot be found until after Find Ketheric Thorm's Relic Find Ketheric Thorm's Relic / Find the Nightsong Find the Nightsong is resolved and the party has left Shadowfell. This occurs towards the end of Act Two. If the party explores Moonrise Towers or Moonrise Towers Prison, there is seemingly no trace of Zevlor and he isn't with the other tiefling prisoners. Within the Ruined Battlefield, the remains of tiefling caravan can be found, where Zevlor attempted to force a surrender.

Zevlor can be found in the Mind Flayer Colony in the Tadpoling Centre, where he is trapped inside a Mind Flayer Pod X: 694 Y: 14. The Neural Apparatus to open the pods, including Zevlor's, is located to the northeast of the room X: 689 Y: 17. The party has the option to either open the pods, purge them, or leave them alone.

If the pods are purged, everyone dies, both the transformed mindflayers and those not infected yet. If the pods are opened, a battle begins between four Mind Flayers and six Intellect Devourers. The party is joined by the uninfected, including Zevlor. After the battle, if Zevlor survives, he explains that he was called to by The Absolute and enthralled by it, as it offered him the return of his Paladin status. He feels immense regret and promises to lead the other survivors to safety, completing the quest.

Quest Rewards[edit | edit source]