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Art Cullagh's mind is gripped by the Shadowfell.

Wake Up Art Cullagh is a quest in Act Two of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with Fist J'ehlar at the Last Light Inn.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Find some clues about Art.
  • We met Art Cullagh, a mysterious man lying unconscious in Last Light Inn.
  • We heard Counsellor Florrick talking about a Flaming Fist found comatose in Last Light Inn. He may have knowledge about the shadow curse. We should see if we can wake him somehow.
  • We met Art Cullagh, a mysterious man lying unconscious in Last Light Inn. He's being cared for by a Flaming Fist.
Tell Halsin about Art Cullagh.
  • Art Cullagh whispered the name 'Thaniel' in his sleep - the spirit of the land that Halsin mentioned. We should tell Halsin about this.
Note: You have to speak to Fist J'ehlar to unlock the conversation with Halsin. J'ehlar may not be at Cullah's bedside but patrolling the inside of the Last Light Inn.
Investigate the House of Healing.
  • We found Art's last orders - to investigate the House of Healing. If we follow in his footsteps, we might learn more about him.
Show the lute to Art.
  • We found a lute bearing Art's initials in the House of Healing. Maybe playing it for him will bring him back to his senses.
  • We met an unconscious Flaming Fist named Art Cullagh in Last Light Inn. The lute we found at the House of Healing bears his initials. Perhaps the two are connected?
Quest Complete
  • We woke Art. He desperately wants to speak to Halsin about Thaniel - the spirit of the land, who he met in the Shadowfell.
  • Art despaired when he learned of Halsin's death. Without him, Thaniel is lost to the Shadowfell - and the shadow curse can never be lifted.
  • We woke Art. He told Halsin that he met the spirit of the land, Thaniel, in the Shadowfell.
  • If Isobel dies or is kidnapped in Resolve the Abduction: Art Cullagh died before we could wake him.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Meeting Art Cullagh[edit | edit source]

Art Cullagh is in a bed in the Last Light Inn, on the ground floor in a room to the north. A group of Flaming Fists are in the room, as well as Counsellor Florrick, if she was rescued during Rescue the Grand Duke. Florrick explains that when the cleric Isobel cleansed the Inn, Art randomly appeared. Any attempts to talk to him have failed, but he did have on him his original writ of duty, signed by Eltan, the founder of the Flaming Fists. Cullagh is looked after by Fist J'ehlar, who explains that he's been completely unresponsive, but the party is welcome to try and speak with him.

Cullagh repeats the same song:

"Thaniel and me are climb, climb, climbing up a tree.
We, we see what we see and do just what we please, together waiting for the sun forever.
We see shadows, they get darker, but our hiding place is brighter.
Monsters snuffling and stalking, in the shade where we are walking.
We are fearsome, black and red. We are living, they are dead.
Two of us safe 'til the end."

The party notices that his mind was gripped by the Shadowfell, but not broken by it. They can also notice that his hands have calluses, like someone who played a stringed instrument. J'ehlar also produces a Worn Letter that was in his pocket. The letter indicates that Cullagh was tasked with investigating the House of Healing, which was suspected of being corrupted. The party can ask J'ehlar if she's heard the song before, or if she knows who Thaniel is, but she has no idea on either front.

Halsin's Aid[edit | edit source]

There is one person who's intimately familiar with the Shadow-Cursed Lands, though - Halsin. If the Druid Grove was protected during Save the Refugees, Halsin is at camp and admits to knowing much about the land, as one of the few living people who was around the area before the curse. If the party speaks to Halsin and asks him about Thaniel, he knows the name well and immediately sets off to take a look at the unconscious Fist. He tells the party to meet with him at the Inn. Back at the inn, Halsin says there's no way Cullagh could know the name Thaniel without meeting him and that it's imperative he be woken up. He suggests finding something to trigger his consciousness, like a memory or an item.

The House of Healing[edit | edit source]

The House of Healing has been tainted by Sharran cruelty.

Cullagh's writ of duty references the House of Healing, making it the first stop in finding a way to awaken him. If the party enters through the front door, they are stopped by Sister Sinda, who says the party must wait in line until the doctor is available. The party can persuade, intimidate, or use a performance to convince Sinda that they desperately need to see the doctor immediately. The Dark Urge origin has a unique dialogue to be let in by explaining their unique condition, with Sinda letting them in with no checks needed. Sinda can also be bypassed by entering from the door to the east and moving north to the operating room.

Once inside the House of Healing (X:-199, Y:-16), move north to the operating room. Here, Malus Thorm is operating on a distressed "patient" by torturing them. He stops to tell the party they're welcome to learn from him.

  • I don’t wish to study, only to lift the curse on this land.
  • A student, yes. Do please enlighten me.
  • You will stop this sick spectacle at once.
  • What wrong has this man done to deserve such torture?
  • [WIZARD] I am a scholar, this is true - just not in the study of torture.
  • [BARBARIAN] Just kill them already - all this torture is pointless.
  • [ROGUE] In my experience, torture is usually more pain and less proselytising.
  • Attack.

If the party attacks Malus outright, he's joined by Sister Hunna, Sister Vanessa, Sister Anya, and Sister Geanne. Otherwise, Malus explains they have nearly cured the "patient." He states that absence is the heart of Shar's teachings, and asks "What is the light of eyes but the cancer that causes one to witness the laceration of being?" With that, he tears out the patient's eyes, completing the "cure." He then asks the party if they are ready to be cured as well.

  • [INVESTIGATION] Examine the sisters and their implements. (DC 14)
  • [RELIGION] Recall what you know of Shar’s teachings. (DC 14)
  • [PERSUASION] The sisters aren’t ready. They’ll make me sick instead of curing me. (DC 16)

A successful Investigation check reveals the sisters' blades are bloodied and dull. Only the most measured hand could make a clean incision. Passing the Religion check has the party recall a Sharran maxim: 'Go forth and sow doubt, but do not compel it - for only the willing may know the Lady's embrace.' With the former, the party can suggest the sisters practice on each other. With the latter, the party can suggest the sisters practice on Malus himself. A unique option is made available if the party sneaks behind Malus before the cutscene and moves to the room to the north. Inside is a book Surgery and Physiology: A Sharran's Primer (X:-199, Y:77) that explains Malus has a 'final lesson' of loss.

  • [INTIMIDATION] I have read your treatise. Initiate the final lesson, or die by my hand. (DC 18)
  • [PERSUASION] ‘Only with sacrifice is mastery gained.’ For the sisters to learn, you must submit. (DC 18)
  • [PERSUASION] Why not have them hone their skills on each other? (DC 21)
  • [PERSUASION] They need a better subject to practise on first. Not a student, but a master. (DC 21)

Once Malus is dealt with, loot his corpse to find the Battered Lute. This is a special lute with Art Cullagh's initials on it. Return to the inn and play the lute to wake Cullagh. He immediately asks for Thaniel, and says Thaniel said to find Halsin.

If Halsin is dead, the quest ends without resolution and the region remains locked under the effects of the shadow curse. Otherwise, Halsin is ready to track down Thaniel, progressing Lift the Shadow Curse. He asks the party to meet him by the lakeside to commence that quest.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

A-Non-Invasive Procedure.jpg

Non-Invasive Procedure
Kill the Surgeon before he performs surgery on you in combat.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If Art Cullagh dies due to Isobel being killed or kidnapped during Resolve the Abduction, it's possible to speak to him with Speak with Dead to find out more about Thaniel. This can be used to proceed with Lift the Shadow Curse.
  • If the Distressed Patient is not killed in the conversation with Malus and survives the ensuing battle, he can be freed from his restraints. Predictably, he groans in pain and then flees in terror.
  • As a Cleric of Shar, Shadowheart has unique dialogue if she speaks with Malus.