Chult Alioramus

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Chult Alioramus is a type of Beast creature found in the Jungle in Baldur's Gate 3. They can move quickly and make leaping attacks.

Attacks and abilities[edit | edit source]

If the Chult Alioramus Colossa is nearby, it can give the alioramus the condition Mating Frenzy Mating Frenzy, which grants resistances to all damage save Psychic, and an additional 5 slashing damage.


Bite Bite

A melee attack dealing piercing damage. DC 18  Constitution saving throw

Gaping Wounds Gaping Wounds Duration: 2 turns

Bleeding Bleeding Duration: 2 turns

D4 Piercing.png 2d4 + 4 (6~12) Damage Types Piercing damage

This can be used as an Action and a free action.

Pounce Dilophosaurus.webp

Pounce Pounce

Leap at a target to bite it and possibly knock nearby enemies Prone Prone.

Range: 10 m / 30 ft.

Bonus action

DC 18  Strength saving throw
D4 Bludgeoning.png 1d4 + 4 (5~8) Damage Types Bludgeoning damage

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