Find Your Belongings

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The tiefling kids are running a scam.

Find Your Belongings is a quest in the Druid Grove in Act One of Baldur's Gate 3. It occurs by browsing the wares of Mattis Mattis.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending story decisions and outcomes.

Speak to the thieves.
  • We've been robbed - by children no less. They distracted us by posing as merchants. We should have a word with them.
  • A tiefling child told us we've been robbed. We should have a word with the thieves.
Find the thieves' hideout.
  • We learned that the leader of the thieves is called Mol. She might have our belongings.
  • We learned that the thieves have a hideout somewhere underground, and it has a hidden entrance.
  • We can't fit through the hideout's entrance. There must be another way in.
  • We learned that the leader of the thieves is called Mol. Her gang has a hideout somewhere underground. Our belongings must be there.
Find our stolen belongings.
  • We arrived in the thieves' hideout. It's time to get our stuff back.
  • Mol has our things. She must be keeping them in her underground hideout.
  • Mol admitted that she has our belongings. She offered to sell them back to us, but we refused the deal.
Quest Compete
  • Mol admitted that she has our belongings. She gave us the pickpocket's bag.
  • We finally got back our stolen belongings.
  • We were robbed, but we convinced the pickpocket to return what was stolen.
  • Mol gave back our belongings - some of them, anyway. The rest have gone missing.
  • Mol admitted that she has our belongings. Since we're on good terms, she was happy to return them.
  • We weren't able to get our stolen belongings back.
  • The thieves fled the hideout with our belongings. We probably won't see our stuff again.
  • We left the region before we could get our stolen items back.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Mattis Mattis (X:247, Y:553) is a tiefling child selling goods on the path into the Inner Sanctum together with his partner Silfy Silfy. He performs a trick with a ring to garner interest, then asks if the party wants to see his wares. The party can agree to see what he has for sale and, when they are done, a perception check reveals their pack is a bit lighter.

There is a sequence of three ability checks before this quest starts:

  1. DC 15 Perception check: Mattis signalling to Silfy. Happens when opening the trading window. Can be passed or failed to trigger the next check.
  2. DC 10 Perception check: Silfy pickpocketing the talking party member. Happens when closing the trading window. Must be failed to trigger the next check.
  3. DC 5 Perception check: The talking party member notices the pickpocketing. Happens when ending the conversation. Must be passed to start this quest.

To consistently trigger the second check (i.e. Silfy pickpocketing the talking party member), the party must wait about 30 seconds in the trading window before closing it. Otherwise the check doesn't always happen, making the quest impossible to start.

Secret hideout location.

The party can speak to Silfy, a nervous child who calls herself a 'guard' for the store. With an intimidation check, she refers the party to her boss, Mol Mol, for more information on the stolen goods. The party can also speak to Mattis about the theft, which he will deny having any part of. He'll refer the party to the crack in the wall behind him, if they can fit. Lastly, the party can speak to Doni Doni and he disappears. With an insight check, the party notices that he entered into a secret hatch.

The hole to the secret lair is down a ladder behind Mattis (X:244, Y:563). It can be accessed using Disguise Self to turn into a small race, such as a gnome, or by utilizing a Wild Shape. Gnomes, Halflings, and Dwarves are small enough to simply access the hole as-is. It's also possible to use Gaseous Form Gaseous Form or Wild Shape: Cat Wild Shape: Cat

If the party completes Investigate the Beach Investigate the Beach and manages to save Mirkon Mirkon, he invites the party back to the secret lair. Because of this favor, Mol happily hands over the stolen goods. Siding with Meli Meli in Return the Locket Return the Locket and saving Arabella Arabella from the snake in Save Arabella Save Arabella can also put the party in Mol's good graces. If the party is neutral to her, she'll ask for a finder's fee to return some of the belongings.

Quest Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Pickpocket's Bag - if the stolen goods were returned.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • There is a glitch that can occur where the option to ask Mol for their belongings back never appears.
  • Mattis can actually steal from the party more than once, if they return to buy from him before the quest has been resolved.