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Kagha embraces the shadows.

Kill Kagha is a sub-quest of the Druid Grove's main quest Save the Refugees. It can be initiated by talking to Zevlor after Kagha sends the party to assist him in getting the tieflings to safety.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Kill Kagha
  • The tieflings and druids are at an impasse. Killing Kagha might tip the balance.
  • We exposed Kagha as a traitor. Furious, she attacked us.
Fight the druids.
  • We attacked Kagha, and the druids turned on all of the tieflings.
Return to Zevlor.
  • Kagha and the other druids are dead. The conflict in the grove has ended. We should check on the tieflings.
  • We killed Kagha and her Shadow Druid associates. Zevlor will be glad to hear it.
Quest Complete
  • The goblins are marching on the grove. Kagha and Zevlor are too focused on their own people to worry about each other.
  • Zevlor thanked us for taking care of Kagha. Now we can focus on the goblin threat.
  • With Zevlor gone, there will be no reward for killing Kagha.
  • We persuaded Kagha to stop the ritual. The conflict has ended - the tieflings can stay in the grove.
  • With the road cleared, the tieflings can leave in peace.
  • Too many of the tieflings died. Unable to stay, the rest were forced from the grove.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Kill Kagha can be received after speaking with Zevlor once Kagha requests the party assist the tieflings in moving on. Ask Zevlor "Can you delay the ritual?" and he explains that it's Kagha influence causing the intolerance to outsiders. Select "Then why don't you get rid of her?" has Zevlor agreeing, but stating that the tieflings can't enter the Inner Sanctum, while the party can. The party can either take him up on the offer or decline.

After this conversation, Kagha can be killed at any time. However, if Kagha is attacked unprovoked, the other druids come to her aid and a fight is started between the tieflings and the druids.

If the party completes Investigate Kagha and finds evidence of her collaborating with the Shadow Druids, then Kagha can be confronted without the druids becoming hostile. The party has a chance to sway Kagha to their side, otherwise the party can simply state she's too far gone and fight her to the death with the other Shadow Druids. If she is slain, Loic and Marcoryl join her. Either choice results in the Rite of Thorns stopping and the tieflings are allowed to safely leave the Grove when they are ready. If you find and heal Findal in the hidden passage, he'll join the fight on the party's side with Rath against the Shadow druids

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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